IM Product Review Policy

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IM Product Review Policy

In addition to writing our own reviews we publish those of our readers.

Are you a writer/reviewer??? Or just looking to get some exposure for your own product or maybe a product you are promoting? OR maybe you just bought something and want to share your feelings on.

Regardless of whether your review is positive or not, we want you input!

We’d love for you to submit a product review for an internet and online marketing product.

We will evaluate and publish your review on and feature it prominently, and will keep the article intact when possible, but of course, we might make slight adjustments and/or corrections if needed.

While the goal is to present accurate information in an unbiased way – we do understand that you may want to guide the readers towards your own personal reveiw web page, related content site, or send them to an affiliate link. In most cases this is ok. All we ask is that you are sincere about your evaluation about the product and honestly give your opinions.

Submit your article in the body of an email or attach as a plain text file. Please include appropriate HTML code for links etc.

You may include up to 2 TEXT LINKS or URL links within the body of the article (only if leading to relevant related content) AND you can include an AUTHOR BIO at the bottom with up to 2 additional links leading to pages you are personally involved with.

That’s 4 links total per review – as long as they make sense and lead to good content.

Reviews must be at least 400 words.

We’ll gladly feature your article prominently on the web site, and you should get some traffic and link juice!

Send us your IM news, product reviews or JV notices:

Or contact us if you have questions or ideas. Thanks, Mike Liebner