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Flashback. OK… The hype machines are building up steam and the new PPC Bully 2 is coming. I’m lucky enough to be inside and using it before it goes public and this is what I gotta say:

The new version of PPC Bully 2 Kicks Butt!!! It will be available on June 9th, 2009.

PPC Bully 2 >>> watch the videos here

That’s not just hype. I am using it and PPC Bully 2 is way cool! You will want this for sure!

I knew after watching their latest pre-launch video for PPC Bully 2 that this tool was much better than I originally expected. OK, I am ready to eat my words from before because I am awed by how cool this is! I was skeptical before but now that I am on the inside and using it – I think it’s awesome!

What is it??? PPC Bully 2 is an awesome research tool!

See for yourself how you can pick a niche and quickly get a campaign up and avoid all the pain you’d have to endure IF you didn’t use this powerful tool!

PPC Bully 2 >>> more details and videos

So what is it??? Well… it’s an intelligence tool. It is a HUGE database of keywords and associated Adwords ads that can help anyone, regardless of experience, get a birds eye view of a niche and allow quick and easy swooping into scooping up the profits.

It’s not just a spy tool – it’s a huge time saving tool because it automates things you’d have to do manually such as checking search result pages for keyords you were interested in targeting.

While this tool is mainly targeted at those of us running PPC ads – it is also a great tool for anyone who wants to jump into the most profitable niches. You can see which keywords are making advertisers the money and focus your efforts on those, instead of wasting time testing by trial and error.

Will it help you make money???

Now – I know it’s hard to believe hype when a new product launches, because there ar eusually all kinds of pie in the sky claims. One thing you most likely will see is the developers story where he says he went from a 5% success rate trying out new campaigns to a consistent 95% success rate! Wow!

I would never try to justify the numbers – but I can say from what I have seen – it makes sense that using PPC Bully before you spend money on Pay Per Click ads will definitely prevent you from throwing money away on extensive testing and it WILL without doubt help your success rate and improve the odds of laucnhing winning campaigns. And that is what it is all about ultimately.

Will you have a 95% succes rate??? HEY – I would like to think so – but to be honest – even if you had a 50% success rate – that is far better than blindly trying out new campigns and entering new niches and throwing away money on research and testing.

If used properly PPC Bully will save you money and help you focus on big money makers instead of having to test 100’s of niches to find 1 that is profitable.

Now, there are tricks and secrets to getting the most of this cool tool, and I’ll definitely be hooking up anyone who buys this from my affiliate link with my personal insights as to how to use PPC Bully 2.

I’ll have a full offer up with my bonus for you before launch day (June 9) which will explain what you’ll get when you buy from me. I can say for sure that I will make available my personal contact info so that we can brainstorm and discuss how to best get the most from PPC Bully and answer any questions or just give encouragement.

PPC Bully 2 >>> more details and videos

Be sure to stop by and chck out what I’ll be offering – you can also join my Words Equal Money newsletter so you’ll be notified of the launch and my offer.

Go see their vieos so u can se for yourself what this tool does!

PPC Bully 2