The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is joining Thai people the nation over in signifying the most huge celebration of the Thai lunar calendar, the New Year Songkran Festival between 12-20 April, with wonderful activities and festivities that pay tribute to the activity of water in Thai culture and society.

For a serious long time, the Songkran Festival has been viewed as a picture of settlement, love and the hugeness of keeping up strong associations inside families, systems, and society with everything taken into account. Intended to agree with the Aries time span on the puzzling diagram, the good occasion is proposed to help people with chilling from the mid-summer heat, exhibit respect to family more seasoned people and get their gifts and request God for valuable ones who have kicked the bucket.

Sand pagodas are filled in as a strategy for making legitimacy, youths and children acknowledge water fights and possibly most importantly, a phenomenal cleaning day is held in homes, towns and towns the country over. This fundamentally adds to the sentiment of system.

Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of TAT expressed, “Anyway an undeniably Thai celebration, Songkran has gotten popular with people from around the world who love coming to Thailand for this, once in a while boisterous, habitually moving festival.

This is an uncommon time when families adventure out long detachments to become acquainted with one another, perform standard authenticity making administrations at the asylums and reconnect with loved ones. Songkran empowers everyone to take a justified break and the TAT needs to ensure that the two Thais and pariahs the equivalent welcome a happy and essential Songkran.”

This year, the date of the Maha Songkran or the ‘New Year’ is set for 13 April, when day and night are of proportionate length. This will be trailed by Nao Day (Middle day) on 14 April, and the New Year itself on 15 April.

Let’s plan to visit Thailand, and enjoy Songkran Festival Bangkok 2021

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