A Public Criminal Records shows a person’s criminal history. It is usually used by employers and leaders as a tool to check on someone’s trustworthiness. The content of such record varies from one state or jurisdiction to another. In some states, it contains only those cases in which the person has pleaded guilty or was declared guilty by an authorized court. Others would include arrests, charges dismissed or pending and even those in which the individual has been acquitted.

The Criminal Records Review Act has mandated all those who work with children or those who has unsupervised access to children to submit a Criminal Records Check. That is to protect those children from any possible harm that can be caused by those individuals who may have criminal records in the past. It protects them from any physical or sexual abuse. Some of those workers who are obliged to undergo such check are teachers, those who are working in the medical fields, child care providers and those volunteers who will have contact with children.

Searching for criminal records is now rampant due to a lot of reasons. The information that can be gathered from such criminal record can help you with your employment screening. That is conducted by potential employers to check if the job applicant deserves to be hired for being clear from any crimes or if it’s the other way around. It can also be your aid towards getting to know your strange neighbor well. Whatever is your own reason for searching, you can do your own searching through the Internet, with onsite computers, through telephone, mail, fax, or by inquiring personally.

There is a lot of Criminal Records Database available nowadays. These databases are where public record vendors obtain their source of information for the people to utilize. However, they are not linked nor networked that’s why they are hard to authenticate, verify or regulate. Aside from that, one has to remember also that every state has different rules when it comes to providing access to these criminal records and even on how these records are treated and the procedures that has to be followed in order to obtain them.

There are trusted commercial record providers that can be found online now. These providers will save you from going through all the hassles of doing the process all by yourself. These top-rated providers are expected to charge you with reasonable fees only when you’ve made a successful search that you wanted to download. Normally, such record provider offers you with money back guarantee. You should avoid those other sites who will charge you for every search you make.

On the other hand, if you perform Criminal Records Search through your government agencies rather than do it online, you have to prepare yourself for a much harder way of searching. It would be a tedious search especially if the data are not kept in a single government department. In that case, you might have to travel to different courts where he or she may have been tried or sentenced for you to obtain the desired information. If not, you may hire a researcher to do it for you which will be more expensive to do.

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