Today, many people are facing difficult choices when it comes to their budgets. But one of the most troubling trade-offs that people make is whether or not to purchase healthy food. That box of Macaroni & Cheese is wonderful for the budget, but not necessarily so great for the waist line and your overall health. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up healthy food in order to keep your budget in balance. Follow these simple tips to get good food at a good price:

1 – Look in the canned and frozen section

Everyone knows that you should put plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, purchasing these healthy items can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are some good alternatives. Check out the canned section and the frozen of your local grocery store for great selections of fruits and vegetables. While the fresh items might be more to your tastes, the frozen and canned sections are probably better for your budget. Canned and frozen items can be just as healthy because the food is packaged when it is most fresh. That means it is packaged when it is most nutritious.

2 – Pick only the most critical organic foods

If you budget is not a limiting factors, you should probably make sure that all the food your purchase is organic. But that can be very expensive. So be selective in what you but that is conventionally grown vs. organically grown. Some foods absorb chemicals and pesticides more readily than others. Food with thin skins, like apples and peaches, accumulates more bad stuff, and does it more quickly. Invest your funds in buying organic apples. Other food with thick skin is better at keeping the bad chemicals at bay. Since you throw away the peel of bananas, avocados, and oranges, you don’t necessarily have to buy organic. Same thing with sweet corn – the thick husk protects the kernels that you will eat, so buy your corn locally so that you can get it at its freshest. Also, some food is less likely to attract pests, so farmers are less likely to use pesticides on them. Onions are a great example.

3 – Buy the good stuff in bulk

While it is fun and oh-so-easy to purchase M&M buy the bucket full at Costco, BJs, or Sam’s, instead focus more of your buck purchases on healthy groceries. If you have plenty of nuts, soups, and vegetables on hand, you will be more likely to use them. But be sure to balance these carefully against buying too much fresh food that will spoil.

When you are planning your meals and your budget, you can make your money go further. Add more canned and frozen food, purchase the most critical organic items, and buy good food at frozen food suppliers sydney. These simple steps will help your wallet and your waistline!

How to Reduce Your Food Costs and Still Eat Healthy

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