At your job interview the interviewer will ask the question tell me about yourself as it is an easy way to start. Be aware, it does give you the opportunity to make an impression. But only if you do it right.

It is often the very first question. A little like an ice breaker question that gets the interview going. You must get it right. Don’t tell the interviewer a lot about your family history and what you do in your spare time. That is not why the question was asked.

You must talk about how your past experiences and achievements make you right for the job.

You want a good and life long career and not just another ordinary job

You want a job you will not get tired of. In the future could you be asking interview questions? There will be chances in a good job for you to develop in your own career.

Fail to get it right in the interview and you will fail in the job application. Plan ahead for that tell me about yourself question that is always asked.

You must understand the right interview answers are the way you will get the job you want. Bad answers will cause you a problem as you have to create a good impression with the interviewer.

What Is The First Question In A Job Interview?

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