Grass in spring, grows best when the pH balance of the soil is neutral – neither acidic nor alkaline. Up next in our list of possible organic gardening fertilizer supplies comes wood ash which happens to be a great way to fertilize your soil in the organic way, if you have a wood burning fireplace. For gardens with alkaline soil, raising the pH to make it more acidic can be a bit of a challenge. If used with caution, wood ash can be a great way not only to use what you would throw away, it could enrich your soil with potassium and raise the pH of your soil. You’ll usually get 20 pounds of wood ash out of burning a cord of wood. It should be enough for a standard backyard garden – about 1000 square feet.

There are other great organic gardening supplies you can use to fertilize and alter the pH of your garden soil too. Blood meal and fish meal for instance, can greatly enrich your soil with nitrogen. Use it in the spring to protect early spring growth that frost can damage. Neighborhood cats like to dig the soil up that’s been enriched with blood meal though. In such a case, try cotton seed meal. It works by releasing its goodness into the soil over a period of time and the fact that it is vegetarian works well for some people too.

Going with organic gardening supplies isn’t usually very easy. You do have to put in a little extra work. Caring for your garden this way does have its rewards though. In the health of your soil and the health of your family. More help here:

Organic Gardening Fertilizer

Organic Gardening Fertilizer

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