It has been universal protocol for most workplaces, companies and business establishments all over the world to examine a job applicant’s background history. These measures are done in order to minimize or avert potential hazards that can compromise the safety and integrity of the institution.

In order to successfully and satisfactorily perform the task described above, employers seek out a person’s criminal or arrest records, as these documents compile a person’s previous dealings with the Law, from simple to grave violations. The repository for California Arrest Records are the Office of the Attorney General and the State Department of Justice.

In observance of the California Government Code Section 6254(F), known as the California Public Records Act, any information about a concurrent arrest must be made available to the public grasp. This allows a person’s arrest information to be divulged, as long as its court proceedings are still ongoing. Once a case has been decided, it is already categorized as local criminal history information, and cannot be therefore made available to the public. Concomitantly, the availability of authorized copies of such records is now only limited to those persons whose names are in the arrest record, concerned Law Enforcement entities, and any authorized individuals and applicant agencies. Parties not otherwise stated or any requests coming from any third party entities will not be entertained nor dealt with.

Parties excluded from the criteria stated by the aforementioned statute can settle for informational copies of a certain arrest record. The contents of informational copies are identical with their authorized counterparts, but can only be used to provide information and not establish identity, as they are not valid documents.

The procurement of California arrest records begins with the requesting or downloading a copy of Request for Live Scan Service Form from any County Sheriff’s Offices or at the state Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. First, check the selection that says “Record Review” in the “Type of Application” section. Next, locate and check the “Record Review” option on the line that says “Reason for Application”. Finally, complete the said form with the rest of the required details, and then present it in any local Law Enforcement office or online live scan websites for the scanning of your fingerprints. The cost of fingerprint scanning services per county sheriff’s office varies. To conclude, send the completed requisites along with the $25.00 processing fee via check or money order payable to the California Department of Justice. This process is exclusive to local residents of and persons arrested in the State of California.

It is fundamental to human nature to continuously look for ways and means to achieve convenience. Such ideals are one of the many reasons behind the creation of the Internet. The 21st century has been endowed with the latest technologies to live a better life. Public records have also joined the various services and commodities orderable with just a single click, thanks to the initiatives of government agencies and authorized records retrieval solutions. Modern alternatives such as these can significantly save good amounts of money, effort and time, and are best suited for urgent and non-urgent matters alike.

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