How to not be a spoilsport! Serve dental healthy recipes for kids that they actually like!

In this day and age, your kids may laugh if you, out of the blue, decide to serve them a bowl of granola for breakfast instead of the sugary stuff they’re used to eating. Following the looks of disbelief, you’ll probably get a round of “Eeeew! What is this?” for your trouble. If you want to get your little sweeties into dental healthy recipes for kids, you’ll have to be creative and just a little bit devious. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a pattern of healthy eating for great teeth and fewer trips to the dentist. If your kids have become accustomed to junk food and ‘convenience’ foods, it will take you a while to convert them to a healthy recipes for kids program as the norm. Here’s how.

Substitute a fruit smoothie, topped off with a dollop of non-dairy whipped cream, for that shocking bowl of granola. (Dentist approved) See other great articles at:

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A proper introduction to granola is to serve it as a snack. Toss in some nuts and dried fruits to add sweetness. How about a glass of milk with that? Yes, when you’re pushing healthy recipes for kids, you do have to be a bit sneaky, but it’s a noble objective! How about some whole grain crackers and spinach dip as an after school snack? Yes, dentistry professional approved. This almost looks like chips and dip! “Thanks, Mom!”

Convenience foods are simply becoming too expensive to serve on a regular basis. You can subtly drop hints, explaining why you’re making your own chicken strips for them instead of buying the large frozen bag of salt, sugar and additive-heavy ones at the supermarket. Don’t mention the nutritional advantages or that they will get fewer cavities with fewer trips to the dental office. They don’t want to know. Instead, look just a little disappointed as you remark, “Wow, sweetie, I just can’t afford these prices!” Quickly follow up with a bright smile and “Hey! I was planning on making up a big batch of my own secret recipe for chicken strips. Mmmm!” This strategy gets them excited. You’ve got a beginning to your top 10 foods for dental health for kids program, without tipping your hand. BTW, there are dozens of healthy chicken strip recipes online. A dash of hot sauce or ranch style dressing transforms your recipes the dentist loves for kids into a treat.

If your kids expect a couple of cookies or a mini sized candy bar in their lunch bag, start slipping in some homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, a blueberry muffin or even a piece of carrot cake. Do this over time if you’re hoping for lifelong converts.

Get in the habit of buying fresh fruit a couple of times a week. Get fruits they like and don’t let them go to waste! Granted, fruits have sugars, but a solid foundation of tooth brushing cures this. If they sit there ignored, in that pretty fruit bowl, start putting them in lunches and make smoothies.

Remember, if you want the kids to buy into your collection of oral healthy recipes for kids that extends the period of the dentist office visits, you’ve got to set a good example. You eat what they eat. Serve lean meats and lots of fish and chicken breasts. If the kids hate veggies, serve just a small portion (which you gradually increase) you know you can ‘make’ them eat. “Look, it’s just a few spoonfuls! You can eat that much, huh? For Mommy?”

In the end, it’s all a matter of habit and sound tooth care instead of cavities. You don’t have to be a total spoilsport when it comes to food choices. Make your dental healthy recipes for kids into tempting treats, by hook or by crook!

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