Divorce Records Florida are maintained by the Florida Vital Records Office. All documents of divorce cases since 1927 are kept at the office along with marriage documents. The documents are sometimes labelled as Dissolution of Marriage. Do not get confused because they are practically the same.

Any member of the general public are given the right to access divorce documents, provided that the proper process is observed. Requestors can secure a request form at the Vital Records office. There are certain pieces of information that must be supplied on the form such as the name of requestor, residence address, contact details and motive for wanting to get the document. The completed form is to be submitted back to the office along with two IDs, one of which must be a government-issued ID, and the corresponding fees. The fees are non-refundable regardless of whether the requested document is found or not.

When requesting for divorce files, it is important to specify the exact year and the exact county Clerk of Court that made a divorce official. The original files of divorce cases can be found on the specific county Clerk of Court where it was filed. And since the Vital Records office only keeps records of files from 1927 onwards, those that were filed before that are only available at where they were originally filed, at a particular Clerk of Court. The files are then redirected to the state’s Vital Records office where they are joined with other public documents. If you are unable to provide the year and exact Clerk of Court, head to the Vital Records office, and they will assist you in locating them for you. They may even redirect your requests to the appropriate county for you.

Requesting the documents of other people is permitted, although it depends upon the situation. A person who wants to do a marital history check on their potential lifetime partner is allowed to access his or her partner’s documents. This is considered a valid course of action because it will definitely cause some serious problems should it be proven later on in the marriage that one of the couple is officially involved in another marriage.

There are also a number of websites that can supply you with divorce documents. It is crucial, however, to note that not all sources can be considered as reliable. So before availing any of the various website’s services, make sure that you get an idea about what kind of information they capable of providing. Try reading the comments of other users and see if they are satisfied with the information that they got or not.

Such websites are categorized as either a paid website or a free website. Paid websites can supply you with an extensive amount of information. They can even get you those that are considered confidential. Free websites can get you Divorce Records Free. The two types are capable of supplying basic information. Basic information include the complete names of the spouses, their age, where they live, and the time and location where the divorce was made official. The said pieces of information are considered general information which is sufficient enough to verify the legality of a divorce case.

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