Art intensifies fine motor skills, hand-eye timing, problem solving skills, side thinking, complex analysis as well as critical thinking skills. No matter it is the career that will be chosen, those who are able to set up, present and show material in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, surely will have lots more advantage.

Some medical schools would rather see you study the Biology or even Chemistry instead of Art – but, even this said, there is still no signification that Art is still not as valuable. It simply means that it is less valuable as for the next medical student. For the large majority of university degrees, taking an art-related subject and new subjects won’t discriminate you or anybody else for that matter.

Communicating with shapes and colors as well as forms stimulates ones imagination. If you have fond passion in creating art, come and visit us. And if you make a decision in studying Art, it will surely be your most favorite class of the day.

A Class of Fine Art in Moncton – Grow with Art

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