It helps to preserve the wear of the carpet. Many folks choose to have double padding installed. You can try this carpet installation calculator to find out how much it will cost. They like the luxurious feeling of the thicker padding under the padding. It gives the carpet a soft springy feeling. Energy EfficiencyEnergy efficiency is also a benefit of having carpet padding installed under your carpet. The thick carpet padding acts as a shield between the carpet and your floor. Adding carpet padding to your carpet will keep your floors toasty warm and keep the room warmer as well. Making your home a bit more energy efficient can simply mean that you have added carpet padding to your room. It is a simple way to recognize the thickness of the padding. CostsUsually the cost is going to be directly related to the weight of the padding. The heavier the weight or the thicker the padding the more expensive it will be. You will extend the life of your carpet and will reduce the energy costs in your home.

How much will carpet padding installation cost?

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