One of the daunting tasks a person can do is trying to find a public record that has all the information you need. Among the records that people request most of the time are California Divorce Records. You have to be a tough cookie to find what you are looking for, or find other means. In any case with records, there are a few ways you can make your search easy for you. The California Department of Health Services or CDHS has split into two departments in 2007. The certificates and licenses are maintained by the California of Public Health or CDPH. They keep records of marriages, divorces, birth and death at their Vital Records Office. The other department is the Department of Health Care Services or DHCS.

California is one of the four states that do not monitor divorces in its state. The other ones are Indiana, Louisiana and Colorado. The Office of Vital Records in Sacramento California can only provide a Certificate of Record as long as the divorce occurred in the years 1962 to 1984. For Divorce Decrees Public Record with more details, the county wherein the divorce was filed can give it.

A Certificate of Record shows the personal particulars of the divorce including the names of parties, the county where it happened and the court case number. However, it does not say whether the divorce was finalized in court or not as it is not similar to a divorce decree. One must pay the $13 fee and wait for at least six months for the record to be gotten. All requests must be addressed to the County Recorder’s Office in the county where the divorce is attached to.

Certified copies of divorce decrees can only be provided by the Supreme Court in the county wherein the divorcees have filed their divorce. This document states the total details which include matrimonial assets, alimony order, child support, and custody and visitation rights. It also specifies the nature of the disagreement between the divorcees.

Divorce records are also known as records of marriage dissolution. Most of the time, divorce and marriage records are alongside each other when you do a search no matter what the type between the two you need. Both records are frequently combined in commercial and government files. California is one state that asks a divorcee for a certified copy of the divorce record with the detailed information in order for him or her to apply for a marriage license for re-marrying.

Theoretically, California has an amount of divorce cases that is massive even when compared to its huge amount of residents. Even though divorce records in counties are somewhat separate, it could bring in a compilation nonetheless. Fortunately, there is another way of getting free divorce records and that is through online records providers. These providers can offer a simpler quicker method of getting the divorce records you need. There are free and paid providers, and each can supply you with the information on a varying degree.

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