You meet people with bad wounds or cuts on the lip area and it appears very unattractive and embarrassing. These unfortunate people with such lesions are possibly suffering from Angular cheilitis, a type of skin inflammation that is caused by fungal or bacterial growth particularly candida albicans on the areas of the mouth.

Not just it is a socially disturbing but it gives also much more pain physically.

Not all of us are familiar with angular cheilitis , that is why many grasped and myths that have made without even knowing of what it is really.In order to clear the misconceptions here are some things you must keep in mind. ? Angular cheilitis is not the same as herpes or cold sore.

Although there are similarities in the appearance and manifestation such as crusts, cracked mouth corners, chapped and dry lips, a cheilitis treatment for this type of skin inflammation is not exactly the same as that of the above mentioned since the nature of the condition very different.

Contrary to common misconceptions that it is contagious, Angular cheilitis is not a contagious disease, no matter how ugly and unattractive it may appear on the skin. A typical angular infection usually results in red spots on your mouth.

Eventually if left untreated this affliction advances to a severe stage, you will see wounds, flakes, and cracked areas on the mouth. To make matters worse, an angular cheilitis infection will also visible ulcers to develop on these areas with wounds or slits on your lips and mouth.

The cure for Angular angular cheilitiss depends generally on its cause, since stomatitisis is an ailment that can be caused due to the absence of essential nutrients that protects the skin. A Vitamin rich diet or supplements of vitamin B complex and Iron must be provided to the person who is suffering from recurrent inflammation.

If you are unsure of the cause then you should consult a medical expert so that he can pinpoint the factors that cause your ailment. Dermatologists can advise you on how to treat angular angular cheilitis effectively as they are generally more knowledgeable than other doctors due to them specializing in analyzing and treating skin conditions. If you do have a recurring and persistent skin condition, seek the advice of a dermatologist for correct diagnosis and treatment.

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