Mac Vs. PC

Mac vs. PC???

Of course I am biased – but if you ask me – Mac is a wimp!



Don’t get me started on explaining how I feel about Apple.

I’ve been screwed before because of Apple and their ways of Mac only compatibility issues and standards so I am cautious.

Apple may be riding high now with iPhones and iPods and iPads, but the company has done some really evil stuff and as a result I have a garage full of old Macs and obsolete software and files. Half of my Mac stuff was from companies who’ve gone out of business trying to support Apple and the Mac.

Now is that the way to treat an early adopter and mac evangelist?

Apple did me wrong in so many ways – so – go ahead Grumpy old PC dude – beat up that wimpy Mac guy and throw your pencil at him and make him cry!

Mac vs. PC – Iwill pick the PC any day – even though Apple does have a very good ad campaign! Then again – have you seen the new T-moble ads? Pretty good paraody of Apple’s ads (and that girl be pretty too!)

*** Please note – this page started as a joke and I am not really as ANTI MAC as I made it seem. They make good stuff. I know that.