Getting Really Good Backlinks

How to Get Really Good Backlinks so that you Rank On Top of Google!

OK – so you’re not pulling in the huge bucks from your site yet…  I’m going to help you get on the right track!

Is your web site home page ranked on top of Google and the other search engines?

It should be! It’s really not hard in most cases, however it does require a little bit of work – especially if you are targeting keywords that a lot of other people would like to rank on top for.

It’s really amazing how easy it is to get a top ranking for your blog or web site when you know the right things to do.

The two things you need to focus on more than anything else are

1) Build Pages

2) Get Links

In this article I am going to explain how to create a quality web page with good content and show you how to get backlinks so you can push your URL to the top of the search engines when people are searching. Since Google is the number one search engine we want to make them happy as they will send us the most traffic if we get ranked on top – but usually if we do that successfully on Google – we’ll also impress the other search engines too. Top rankings on all the engines usually follows.

You don’t need to be evil or sneaky and try to fool Google to get a top ranking. Wouldn’t you rather deserve to rank on top than get there by tricking them?

A lot of people are looking for black hat gimmicks or quick and dirty tricks so they can get more web traffic. I’m not judging thoese who do this stuff, but I am saying that approach and any results are usually short lived and in the end is often more trouble than it is worth.

The secret to getting more long term web traffic is really sitting right under their nose and does not require being black or grey.

The secret is getting relevant high quality backlinks with the right anchor text to point at your best web page URL’s. These are called relevant backlinks or simply targeted links.

There are really only a few things you must do right to get your web pages ranked on top of Google and the other search engines.

First you need to pick the right “exact keyword phrase” that your web page is about and then prominently feature that phrase. By prominent I mean that “exact phrase” should appear at least a few times on the page. It should appear in the page title. It’s also important the web page itself adequately covers that topic and is related to your keyword.

I know we’re talking about how to get backlinks, but it really helps for the content to be of value to the people who visit your page if you want the links to actually get you a top ranking and keep it there for a long time. It’s all about relevance!

So once you have a page that is optimized for an exact keyword phrase it is time to get that page linked. Not all backlinks are created equal. I will show you how to get backlinks that really have enough juice to get your pages to the top of the search engines.

The first thing you want to consider is that most of your backlinks should be non-reciprocal (a one way link – not a link exchange). The ideal backlink should originate from a web page already indexed by Google that relates to the keyword phrase you are targeting. Ideally the referring page with the link to your URL contains the “exact keyword phrase” you are targeting in the body of it’s page and your backlink is from within the content and has the same keyword in the anchor text. This establishes relevance.

The best links you can get are within the content of a page that relates to your target keyword.

If you have a few good links following that basic strategy of “relevance” you can usually push your page to the top with far less links than other people trying to blast their way to the top. This is a much safer approach and when you do get a top ranking it will help you stay there on top when the others will fall to the wayside and slide down the rankings.

So in summary, create good quality web pages with keyword targeted content and get links with your keyword in the anchor text pointing at your URLS from within the body of the content of other relevant pages which also have your keyword on them. That’s the secret!

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