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By Mike Liebner • on May 30, 2016

Links still work! In fact they are required to get your site ranked on page 1.

A membership to Blogging Underground gives you access to around 200 blogs that you can post articles in and get powerful contextual links to help boost your rankings.

With your Blogging Underground membership you can boost anything you want by posting articles in our blogs and linking to your content! These super powered contextual links work like magic and are effective on any kind of web page whether your own or even on your social pages!

Boost your youtube video URLs by linking them in our blogs! Boost Facebook, Twitter, Press Releases, Pinterest or anything you want! In fact, a great ranking strategy is to use our blogs to get links pointing at any page that is already linking to your money pages (sometimes called feeder pages)!

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Linking the feeder pages that point at your money pages is both super safe, as you can be a little more aggressive when linking to authority sites, and is very effective as your existing backlinks will get even more link juice and push you up!

The fact is – with access to our 100’s of blogs spread out on servers all over the world, you can do a lot of linking techniques that would otherwise be too time consuming! Simply login to our Blog Post Utility (the BPU) and pick a blog and post your article with up to 2 links per post. We trust our members and post the articles immediately! Since Google loves our blogs and is crawling them constantly your article posts will get indexed fast so your links can go to work quick!

It’s so easy! Have you seen me posting an article in the new video? I show exactly how easy it is! Anyone can do it! And with these 2 special packages you can grab a huge stash of articles to make posting faster and easier than ever! Check out the offer and watch the video (2nd one on page).

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