Is Your Web Hosting Getting You Down?

By Mike Liebner • on April 18, 2014

I recently got an email about a new video that was released on a blog. I wanted to see what it was so I went to the link in the email and the site was down. It was showing an error page.

I kept trying for a few minutes and gave up. Around an hour later I tried again. Still down.

This is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a online marketer. We need the traffic to make sales! If our sites go down – especially when we send out broadcasts to our mailing lists and the site is dead we not only lose the traffic opportunity – we look bad!

I happened to know the guy who had mailed out about his new video so I sent him a note. He responded and said he was using Bluehost and was having problems. He asked if I could suggest a good host.

This is what I responded with.

I have everything from dedicated servers for my biggest and best sites (3 dedicated servers with 2 different hosts) to mid range hosting accounts with dependable bandwidth – all the way down to inexpensive cheap hosting.

Ironically Bluehost is one of the cheap hosts I put some of my domains on.

I have around 10 cheap hosts and Bluehost for the most part has been pretty good.

Some cheap hosts are TERRIBLE! I won’t name names, here although I want to….

Over the years I have dropped quite a few hosts because they sucked. It’s a huge hassle and usually it is a last resort after trying to get better service.

Sometimes the most well known are the worst.

For example two of the biggest names in hosting are the worst. I bet you already know who they are.

Face it – cheap hosts are cheap for a reason – they are usually slower and have more issues and in some cases offer fewer options – especially if you have decent traffic and need more bandwidth.

The mid range-inexpensive hosting company I suggest my Blogging Underground members consider if they plan on running WordPress is Coolhandle.

They created a special WordPress Hosting package for Blogging Underground that does what my members need.

I have an account with them with several busy domains and it is now running very well! But when I did have a problem with being on a server that was getting slow, they quicklymoved my sites and did all the work. That was around a year ago and it’s been fine since then. CoolHandle support is very good.

Shared hosting in general can be a hassle. You need to keep on top of them. Especially with the super cheap hosts like Bluehost.

The problem with being on a shared server is that the hosts usually try to put as many accounts on it as they can before they start a new server. Eventually the sites get slow and everybody on that server suffers.

What I suggest depends on how much you want to spend and if you want to do any work managing the server or if you want to let them do it all.

Dedicated is best if you have a lot of traffic and want speed, but the down side is you need to manage a lot of the boring stuff yourself.

Mid range and cheap is more hands free, but you are at the mercy of the host and whatever server they put you on. If the server gets too many busy sites you get screwed and your sites get slow and eventually you get those page not found errors and such.

To be fair, Bluehost has been pretty good when I needed help. They do respond in a timely manner to support requests but my sites do get slow at times.

If you have a lot of problems with your sites not being up you can ask them to move you to a server that has fewer accounts on it. That will help for a while till they fill it up.

Hope that helps

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