Strike while the Holiday Opportunities are HOT!

By Mike Liebner • on December 11, 2013

Did you know that Google has greatly increased the value of social sites and that they are indexing more of these pages than ever?

It’s true, yet many businesses still do not have a proper social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and the other social media properties that can drive sales to them this holiday season.

Now is the time to quickly contact business owners in your area and convert them into paying customers by giving them exactly what they need and want and are too busy to do themselves.

Please join Mike Liebner from Blogging Underground and a very special guest for a live webinar event on Thursday Dec. 12 at 2 PM PST where we reveal a quick way to generate fast cash with very little effort by providing local businesses with social representation.

The webinar event is called “Generating New Clients and Cash Fast and Easy” and features local marketing expert Jordan Wexler of SmartGuy. Seating for the live event is limited so please Register HERE!

At this event, we will show you how to help these local business owners by creating their social accounts for which they will pay handsomely to have you do it for them!

It’s so easy and best of all, there is no need to go door to door and interrupt them during their busiest season as we have the best solution to reach them fast and get them interested in what you are offering! No need to research and spend time to find the owners, track them down and get face to face with them (if you can), as we can help position you as the lead of your city’s business network which has ALREADY been created and is full of hundreds of local businesses who have already signed up and are in need of YOUR services.

During the live webinar event we will also show you how you can email ALL of the local businesses in your local business network with a single click!

Send them an email saying something like “I noticed you don’t have the proper social media connected and you are losing customers you should be getting!”

This opportunity has never been better as for only $99. you can become the EXCULSIVE local Smart Guy City Business network for your area for the next 30 days!

What do you have to lose? Even if the city network you select only has 100 or 200 local business owners, you stand to earn A LOT by establishing relationships with them!

So – if you can use an extra $500-$1,000 in the next few weeks from new clients and want to build a long term sustainable business down the road, and are looking for a fun, easy way to grow your business fast, you MUST join us on our exciting live webinar event on Thursday at 2 PM!

Visit the registration page for more details and sign up now before the seats are all taken!

Register HERE

I hope to see you at the live event!

Best wishes for your online success!

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