Is SEO Safe or just SMART?

By Mike Liebner • on September 13, 2013

Is it safe to do SEO (search engine optimization) stuff on your websites to gain advantages and achieve higher placement on search result pages?

It may not always be 100% SAFE, (what is?), but it sure is smart to do SEO!

Your competition is surely doing the things that increase the chances of ranking on top – aka – Search Engine Optimization!

I would rather play it SMART, than just be safe every time when it comes to doing SEO type things to get more traffic for my websites.

Now – notice how I did NOT say I was doing SPAMMY stuff. I don’t do spam or unethical marketing.

I am not an evil marketer – yes – there are those out there but NOT ALL marketers are evil!

I understand how people must feel who ask me questions like – is it safe to do SEO after Panda or will I get banned for linking?

Some people are so scared to do anything to promote their sites because Google has taken it upon themselves to communicate with people who have websites through their “webmaster tools” and try to hypnotize them into being cautious or even not doing anything.

Uhhhh… let me remind you that Google is not the LAW – it’s just a company with a search engine that wants everyone to follow THEIR RULES so it is easier on them.

Sure – there are some obvious rules you would want to follow to make sure that Google doesn’t get MAD at you and PUNISH YOU. Don’t post illegal stuff, spam or post garbage for example.

But should you really base your marketing efforts on what they say is allowed?

Should you stop linking your pages for an advantage because they would rather you didn’t do that?

I say be aware – but be smart – and keep doing what works!

Whatever you do – don’t stop trying because you are scared it is not safe to do SEO.

I’m not sure it was ever SAFE to do SEO – even ethical and legal SEO has always had some slight risk.

Finding a TRICK or loophole that works at getting an advantage has always had some risk.

If Google finds out a trick is working they’ll try their best to plug the hole and stop it from being effective – but some methods can’t be stopped, because some ways we rank higher are from employing a legitimate technique that all websites use to get higher rankings.

Linking for example. All websites do it. Can you control how all webmasters do their linking?

No. But they will still look for PATTERNS and OBVIOUS FOOTPRINTS which are most obvious when people can’t control themselves and go hog wild to the point of revealing their intentions.

Some tricks are just too easy to identify and are not worth even attempting because eventually you will get caught.

For example, they will penalize you for hiding text links in the code or hidden in the background color or when they figure out those 10,000 comment links blasted using Scrapebox or some other comment blaster all have the same spammy links and footprints.

YES – footprints will kill you.

Avoid footprints and you will be safe.

But do not avoid linking. That is not smart.

LINKING is a natural thing for websites to do. Just try to be NATURAL in your approach and you will be fine. That’s what is taught at the Blogging Underground Targeted Traffic System.

Linking and SEO is the best way to gain an advantage and that’s the goal – to gain an advantage and move above the competition.

What we do is ethical. It’s legal. It’s normal to post articles and link back to your site from the article.

Can you do SEO safely?


Don’t spam! Don’t blast your site like a robot.

It has never been safe to do spammy stuff like BLAST COMMENTS using robots or MASS SUBMITTING the same article to MANY SYNDICATED ARTICLE DIRECTORIES etc.

Just be smart and try to deliver value by putting up good content and then getting good links so people can find it.

That’s normal for a web site to do this!

Want an advantage? Do what we do.

Right now the best way to get on top post-panda is to have good quality links coming from within related articles on sites that are indexed by Google.

Indexed sites are trusted.

If Google trusts the site the link is on and indexes the page, you will get the benefit of the link if you do it correctly.

The BU 12 Step Success Strategy System teaches you how to do it correctly!

As far as being “safe” doing what we do – I use the blogs all the time for posting articles and getting links and I do get top rankings from following this strategy, so it is working right now. So do members.

We don’t spam or blast or do anything unethical.

All we do is do the things that work on Google.

Can you ever truly be safe?

Now consider this – SAFE would be NOT DRIVING your car up the mountain because it IS possible someone will drive on the wrong side of that yellow line and hit you.

It is possible. Not likely – just possible.

Do you stop driving up the hill just because it’s a possibility someone may cross over the yellow line?

That’s a personal call.

Me – I am not in this to play it too safe. I play it smart. That’s better than safe.

So for me – it is SMART to do SEO and I will keep doing the things as long as they work and right now linking the right way and doing good SEO practices work!

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