Posting Articles In Blogs is Good for SEO

By Mike Liebner • on January 23, 2013

Do you have links pointing at your best web pages coming from within the content of articles?

This is an SEO strategy that works in 2013!

In-content links are very powerful! In fact links in articles have super powers for quick SEO boosts!

We post articles in blogs all the time and it works very well to get top rankings on Google if done correctly.

There is no reason to live in fear of getting slapped or penalized by search engines if you know what to do.

That’s why a membership like Blogging Underground has so much value. You learn what is working right now and more importantly you learn what is NOT working!

Blogging Underground members don’t do things that will get us in trouble. We post articles to gain top rankings – not waste our time getting slapped!

Now – it is good to have links coming from articles that have your keywords in them – but it is also good to have links coming from articles that don’t contain your exact target keywords.

The links are counted – they are not ignored!

Search engines don’t ignore much of anything… they may score things differently based on their secret ranking formulas, but you can make almost any article pertain to what you are linking in it if you add a few extra sentences and/or tweak the article to be more relevant.

Think in terms of topics – not just exact keywords – as women reading an article on one thing may also be interested in something else even though the link is not for the same exact topic.

Think demographically.

Google is smart and knows what is related – even for different keywords that are not identical.

It’s important to realize that all links count, even if they don’t come from pages with exact keyword on the page – they just count differently – they still help.

While the Blogging Underground approach is to link from within the content of related articles with the same and/or similar keywords in it – you should also have a natural mix of links coming in and that means some should come from pages that are not PERFECT!

Getting articles published in blogs like at Blogging Underground is pretty much guest posting which is very effective. The content is moderated so no grabage gets published. This makes the blogs with the articles that more valuable!

Search engines like Google love links in articles. As long a you are not spamming like a robot they will be good for you!

More info on the Power of Links at the Blogging Underground Blog.

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