Tumblr Closes Linking Loophole and Goes Nofollow

By Mike Liebner • on May 23, 2012

Tumblr just made a major change to their linking on reblogging of posts.

Why go nofollow? Does it really make sense?

I am not sure why nofollow is adopted by some of the bigger websites who seem to benefit greatly from their links being dofollow links.

Take Tumblr for example as they are a major force on the web and have been pretty good about letting their users who have blogs on subdomains on tumblr pass the link juice through the “reblogged this” links on pages.

Yes, they already made the “likes” nofollow – but now they just made the reblogged this links nofollow.

That’s going to hurt the people on tumblr who used to benefit from getting a little PageRank boost from reblogging other peoples stuff.

That was a big incentive for me at least. I would rather create my OWN original posts of course – but to help other tumblrs I would do a lot of REBLOGGING to spread the love. It also did help MY tumblr blogs because they recieved link juice from the pther pages showing I reblogged the post.


Oh well. I’ll still keep reblogging as it is good to get people to notice my blogs – but it hurts to know I no olionger get the dofollow link juice.

More on Nofollow Links at Tumblr

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