Links That Work (after Penguin)

By Mike Liebner • on July 4, 2012

Getting top rankings is still easy when you know how! Read this Article on the Kind of Links That Work (right now)

This detailed article explains in detail how the right kind of links are getting sites on top of Google right now! You need to know what’s working now for me and for members who are using this strategy. It still works!

The article is called “A Blogging Strategy That Works (even after Panda and Penguin)” which explains in great detail several simple things we can do to get top rankings faster than ever!

The simple truth is fresh new links within the content on pages that are indexed by Google will help get web pages ranking on top faster than anything.

“In-content” links are still great and Google loves relevance as much as they ever did. If you can get in-content links in blogs that are indexed by Google, you’ll be on top faster than ever.

I’m doing it! You should be doing it too! Go and print the article now!

You really should PRINT THE ARTICLE at the above link – it is a perfect guide to what you can do to get top rankings right now without wasting time doing all kinds of busy work.

Whether you have existing sites you want to bring back up to the top – or – if you’re interested in building brand new sites that do the right things from the ground up – this article tells you exactly what you need to do!

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By Tasi Feite on November 9th, 2012 at 11:43 pm

Hi Mike.

Good read mate, I will be back here often to check on what information you have posted. The print link took me to some speed up your PC link?

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