Are your keywords hurting you?

By Mike Liebner • on September 15, 2012

The fact is that over optimization is a huge new concern and SEO people are figuring out that having too high of a keyword density, or too many similar links can hurt a web page and even spread some negative vibes over to the entire web site.

Fortunately free keyword tools like the AUKDAT Keyword Density Analyzer will help you see your web pages more like Google does.

Simply drop your URL into the free AUKDAT keyword  tool and it will show you an analysis of many factors on the page including the keyword density.

Most important are any “exact match keywords” you are targeting. They can get away from you and stack up fast without you realizing it.

If you find any “two word phrases” or “three word phrases” in the AUKDAT report are unusually high, you may want to remove a few occurances or shuffle the order of the phrases (or use a synonym or rwlated phrase).

That way the web page is more natural and it does not seem like you are keyword stuffing.

It’s good to rominently feature your keywords on your site but do NOT over do it!

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