External Linking on a Site is Good!

By Mike Liebner • on February 17, 2012

I often get told by members that they heard a guru say something like outbound links are bad or that LINKING OUT from your web page can hurt your site and have a negative impact.

I hate generalizations like that because it scares people into thinking they need to worry about linking out on their sites which simply is NOT TRUE.

Linking out to pages of value can help your site.

There is a very slim chance that linking out to CRAP might hurt you – but still not very likely to cause any problems if the CRAP is indexed by Google.

Crap from sites not indexed by Google? I wouldn’t do it. But that’s about the only link out I will not do.

Most links do not harm a site unless you are doing evil spammy stuff to trick Google with links or doing them in robotic ways or in massive numbers with patterns such as repetition or non-varied link text.

There is no harm in links in which you point to sites that are indexed by Google.

That said – ONE WAY links are the best (non-reciprocal links) – links that only point one way with none coming back to the site are the best kind of links.

So if you have LINKS coming in to your site from a domain – you would be better off if you did not link back to the same site.

But even that might be splitting hairs as the links may still have more benefit than NONE at all.

I suggest you check out Link Your Way To The Top as that will tell you waht is really important and what to spend your time doing!

Those are the best kinds of links.

If you follow the 12 Step Success Strategy in Blogging Underground you will learn all about this stuff.

Be careful what you believe when it comes to advice on the net or from gurus. This is one thing I don’t always agree on with the other IM’rs such as the one you mentioned who said links are a negative.

My training focuses on doing the important things right and not worrying too much about all the etxra stuff most gurus want to make you believe are important.

Links are good.

Incoming links – outgoing links – they’re a normal thing unless you do the typical spammy stuff like hide links or put too many of them on one page. Too many as in more than NORMAL.

It is NOT usually the links that are the problem – it’s the patterns the links cause.

The NET is based on sites with links to other sites and linking out is a perfectly normal thing to do.

It is NOT normal to NEVER link out.

A site should always have at least a few links going out to established authority sites we know Google likes.

There is no harm in having a few links on a page.

Personally the only thing I ever worry about is if the links look spammy or out of place.

As long as the links are to sites indexed by Google – there is a good chance there will be a benefit and not harm.

Now – there is some leakage that occurs – but this is normal. So I’d say focusing on the other important things will bring you a greater return than worrying about the little details.

Take the path of least resistance!

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