What’s wrong with affiliates selling my stuff?

By Mike Liebner • on April 13, 2011

I just read a crazy article about affiliate marketing and it’s future.

“If you can’t be an affiliate in California, one has to consider whether affiliate marketing really has a future in the United States.”

I do not get it.

Google is clearly against affiliates and banned many of them when they cleaned house in Adwords a while back. It wasn’t ALL affiliates that were banned, granted, but they do seem to make it harder for affiliates to get high quality scores and cheaper clicks when advertising on the Adwords platform.

Why is it that affiliates are getting “no respect”???

Affiliates are being taxed by states and who else knows how… The FTC is cracking down on the scammers out there more and more and making it harder for regular honest affiliates who get caught in the crossfire.

ME… I love affiliates. They are the backbone of my business.

If it weren’t for them I would have to spend much more $ on advertising and would have to raise the prices of my products. That’s why I gladly give them 50%… because they are so valuable and I appreciate their hard work promoting my stuff and helping to spread the word for me.

It’s amazing some times how in politics and business people are so shortsighted that they do not see the big picture and actually do the things that are hurting our economy and small businesses in particular.

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