Get More Conversions with Better Landing Page Quality

By Mike Liebner • on September 11, 2011

How do you create a high quality landing page?

I have some important information I would like to share with you that just might help you create better websites with effective web pages that accomplish more of what you are trying to achieve.

Hey – it’s great to be #1 and get lots of traffic! BUT what if your visitors are NOT BUYING or CLICKING or doing whatever it is you want them to do? That’s a big waste of traffic!

OR maybe worse yet – what if there IS NOTHING for them to do on your page to make you money! OH NOOO!!!

Well, I just ran across a couple of help web pages from Google, that while intended for it’s paying Adwords advertisers, can also be helpful for those of us who get lots of free search engine traffic (or any traffic for that matter!).

Both help pages are MUST READS and have lots of tips that can help you improve the effectiveness of your highest traffic “money web pages” – which may technically NOT be a “landing page” – but should have a lot in common with a well made landing page!

“Landing Pages” are super targeted web pages where advertisers have their paid traffic sent to – and the goal is usually HYPER FOCUSED on getting a conversion. They do what we do – they get traffic from an exact keyword phrase and the goal is to convert the traffic!

We can learn a lot from advertisers and apply some of those same “conversion” principals that help them get a better return on their investment.

Here are the 2 help pages – I highly suggest you read both of them. Me, I actually printed them out – they’re both worth reviewing again later!

> How do I create a high quality landing page?

> Landing page and site quality guidelines

 That second help page with the guidelines is especially revealing – in fact – the recommendations from them for their advertisers can also be used to help us with SEO because Google is basically telling us what they like and DO NOT LIKE about web sites!

Doing less of what Google doesn’t like is a worthwhile strategy for anyone who depends upon them for traffic! Reading these help pages reveals a lot of how they think and will help us make pages that do better!

Well, I hope you find that helpful! You’ll make more money if your pages have a well defined goal! Thanks for reading this and best wishes for your online success!

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