Affiliate Monetizati​on With Online Coupons

By Mike Liebner • on March 11, 2011

Can you really make big money as an affiliate with online coupons?

Hey – I had to let you know about this! It’s important we’re aware of trends in marketing and when I run across something new and interesting I need to spread the word.

Online coupons are big right now.

OK – I have to admit – I got an email myself and found myself watching the video at the link above and I just couldn’t resist opting in for the next set of videos. I have to say I am very busy, I have very little time to spare, but this just seems too good of an idea to not take a closer look at it and consider the possibilities.

Online coupons are something us affiliates should be using to drive sales.

The general concept is promoting offers as an affiliate and using online coupon codes to help close the sales AND get credit as an affiliate for the transactions.

Now – I can’t say I have a lot of experience with online coupons myself – I have always wanted to create my own system to use coupons for my own products and hope to do that some day soon. I do know from experience that people love to save money and that very often a coupon or discount is what will motivate them to take action.

The reason I mention that is this online coupon thing I just ran across could be a really huge new angle to exploit for those of us who already have web sites that are getting traffic!

We’re always looking for ways to monetize our sites and our targeted traffic, right? This makes perfect sense as an additional stream of income!

Now – since I am NOT an expert at this I honestly can’t give you advice right now, but the videos I am watching at this link are really filled with great ideas.

>>> Online Coupons

If you can – stop by and watch the 2nd set of videos – you’ll need to opt in to get the next set of videos I am talking about – the first one is just the guy gushing over money coming in live as he is recording. That’s a bit lame – but the next page after you opt in has the REAL info on coupons – so watch those if you can.

I’ll be looking into this area of monetization more myself AND if you have any experience with online coupons – please let me know – I’m curious how you’re using them and what affiliate programs are the best places to get the coupons.

OK – that’s all for now!

>>> Online Coupons

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