How To Start A Blog That Makes Money!

By Mike Liebner • on August 13, 2010

I just created a 20 minute long training video called “How To Start A Blog (that makes money) – You only have one chance to make a perfect start with your blog!”

It’s a companion to my article of the same name. I will go ahead and paste the article right here! I hope you check out the video and enjoy the article!

How To Start A Blog (that makes money)
by Mike Liebner

Do you want to start a blog and make money with it? Or would you rather blog just for fun and to pass the time? In fact – do you think it is OK to make money from blogging?

More people than you’d think don’t like the idea that some of us can write in our blogs and see money coming in to us from our writing efforts.

The reason is some people are hung up on personal and artistic integrity and are afraid to “cross over” to the evil side and make money from our creativity. Sure, the number of people who are blogging purists and think blogs are not for making money have shrunk and there are less and less people out there willing to make us feel bad about making a living from blogging – but they are out there! Are you one of them?

I hope not! I’m willing to share some tips and insight that could help you start a blog and very easily make money from writing little snippets in it from time to time. I know a lot of you may already have blogs – but do you have blogs that were started from the ground up with the purpose of making money?

It’s much easier to start a blog and do the things that will stack the odds in your favor and give you a better chance of making money, than taking a messy all topics blog or an overtly personal blog and try to make money from that.

I suggest you keep personal blogs and social networking activities with friends and stuff like that completely separate from your for profit blogs you create for the purpose of making money. You’ll need to create separate social identities to make sure your personal stuff doesn’t cross over into your online marketing efforts.

It’s not that you can’t make money from a personal blog – or that you can’t ever be personal –  it’s just that it is more likely that by getting “too personal” or revealing too much about yourself that you will actually turn off people who are looking for info and could make you money if you focus on their needs instead of your personal needs.

I’m not talking about doing this blogging thing for personal satisfaction- although – it can be very satisfying and even fulfilling on a creative level – it’s just more slanted towards doing the things that will help you make money rather than make people smile (or make yourself smile).

I can’t tell you how often I get into discussions with my friends about blogs and blogging and inevitably they want to know my secrets to making money with a blog. 9 times out of 10 as we get into the discussion they seem to be more interested in disproving my strategies than absorbing the info and taking it and running with it!

Some of them have issues with pretending they are interested in things just to make money or their being an authority when they are not genuinely interested in something.

The solution is to find things that interest you and satisfy the requirements to make money by starting a blog that is based on letting the keyword research set your course. If you do keyword research the right way and dig for golden nuggets that are both interesting to you and have a high likelihood of being profitable – you can find a happy medium.

So – I will tell you how to start a blog that makes money. It’s simple. Start with a large pool of potential keywords and let the research tell you which ones have the most profit potential and highest volume of people searching for those keywords.

Find a domain name that has the exact keyword phrase in it and start your blog focusing very specifically on that exact keyword phrase.

Just by starting off on the right foot you will have a much greater likelihood of hitting it big and starting a blog that makes some serious money!

Now of course there are a lot of other things you need to be aware of – and for that I suggest you visit my website and watch some of my training videos. They are loaded with the kind of information that can really help you make a living as a blogger! Members of my site Blogging Underground are doing it everyday and there are tremendous opportunities for anyone that is able to accept that you need to be willing to focus on the money making and marketing angles, as opposed to strictly doing it for artistic merit or personal satisfaction.

Do you want to make some money blogging or just pass around some funny pictures and write about what you’re doing in your spare time???

I hope you’re on board to make some money! If so I will be happy to help you learn how to start a blog that really makes money!

If you’re ready to buy a few domain names and spend some time researching to find the best keywords to target, your blogs can be huge money making successes!

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