CB List Automator – automate Clickbank Bonuses

By Mike Liebner • on February 13, 2010

CB List Automator is software to automate Clickbank Bonuses so you can automatically give the user who purchases from your link a bonus. It’s way cool!

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Do You Want To Build a JUMBO sized List of REAL Responsive Buyers, Automate your Bonus Delivery and Gain the Unfair Advantage over all other ClickBank Affiliates on Autopilot????

I will show you how to build multiple lists of proven ClickBank buyers on autopilot! Your lists will be made up of REAL BONA FIDE BUYERS – NOT the usual freebie seekers or tire-kickers!!!

At Last, A Real No-Hype Solution You Can Use Today to Increase Sales, Automate Your Bonus Delivery and Build your List of Buyers on Autopilot!  Becoming a Top ClickBank Affiliate is now “Push Button Simple”

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This software is for:

  Anyone who is promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate or a JV Partner.
  Anyone who wants to build multiple lists of proven buyers on autopilot.
  Anyone who wants to run their ClickBank Affiliate Marketing business on autopilot (automated bonus delivery)
  Anyone who wants bigger ClickBank commission checks!
*** CBListAutomator works with ClickBank and only CB!!!

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Imagine how it would be like if you have a huge list of subscribers, and a proven method to generate tons of sales on demand … How would your life be different? Do you think it’s just a dream? It can be a reality, and I’d like to show you how you can achieve it with minimal effort.

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