Adsense is NOT dead! No way!

By Mike Liebner • on May 23, 2010

Who said that Adsense was dead??? It’s not!

Adsense is NOT dead! Building sites as an Adsense publisher is still a viable online business that can make a huge income for those doing it!

In fact I am here to tell you that my good friend Peter Spaepen is making bank from building Adsense blogs when everyone else has all but forgotten about how easy it can be as an online business to make money from it with hardly any effort!

As Peter says “When Everybody Zigs, Zag!”! Find out how he’s making big money running the opposite direction from the rest of the crowd in his free PDF Magazine you can download at:

NanoContext Free PDF MAGAZINE Download

Peter spills the beans on one of his loser sites that made “no sales” but now pulls in $900. a month in Adsense

I know! Everyone and their cousin has been ragging on Adsense saying it isn’t profitable as a monetization source on web site… but then along comes Peter who has been quietly building his own brand of nano-blogs that pull in thousands of dollars every month.

Peter also tells us about the Polish dude that barely speaks English and is “currently” pulling in over $20,000. a month from just Adsense alone!

I know it sounds like sales hype – but from talking to Peter on the phone – I know he does stuff like nobody else! The dude knows how to bring up the earnings from Adsense and it’s actually so simple I could kick myself for not having found this out myself! But that’s ok – Peter is so generous he’s sharing how he does it!

NanoContext Free PDF MAGAZINE Download

For those of you who may not know of Peter Spaepen, and that’s not a surprise if you don’t, because he keeps a very low profile. Peter is the dude that released Nanobloggers quietly under the radar not too long ago. It still raised a storm!

While Nanobloggers is quite cool – it’s Peter’s new ebook called Nanocontext that really blows my mind!

Once again he is quietly releasing it, and keeping a low profile while doing it, but those of us in his small circle of friends have been waiting eagerly! I have! But that might be because I consider Peter to be one of the smartest marketers out there. He’s one of the few guys that really gets how to play the way Google wants us to play and wins because instead of trying to trick them or beat them – he gives theme exactly what hey want!

Go grab the magazine – it’s a PDF and it’s free – if you do nothing else you’ll get a huge motivational push from reading what Peter has to say!

NanoContext Free PDF MAGAZINE Download

Well, that’s all for now. Get out there and make some money!

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