Write At Home System: Your Complete Freelance Writing Guide

By Writing Passion • on April 16, 2009

WRITERS DESPERATELY WANTED!… If you can write at a grade 9 level you could easily earn a full time income writing online. Companies are desperately looking for entry level writers. If you want to start earning money writing at home this may be the most important page on the internet you’ll read all year.

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Online Businesses Are looking for you – you can start earning money within the next 24 hours writing for online companies.

There are many perks to a writing career, for example:

* You can make as much as you want… UNLIMITED INCOME!
* You get to work when you want… FLEXIBLE HOURS!
* You can work from home… BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN!
* You learn about new and interesting products… REWARDING and CHALLENGING

Writing online is a BIG business, a multi-billion dollar industry actually, but there’s one small catch: To remain on top and to keep customers totally hooked, companies must keep the information unique, interesting and free-flowing… and that’s where the challenge begins.

With thousands of online businesses franticly searching for people (just like you and me) to write articles, reviews, blog content and sales copy, there just aren’t enough writers to go around.

Seasoned professional copywriters don’t want this type of work; they prefer larger direct response projects with lucrative commission fees…

You see, writing today isn’t about perfect sentence structure and grammatically correct paragraphs. Readers prefer simple, everyday language; so if you can talk you can write.

Today, it’s ok to start sentences with AND, BUT, or even Hiya… because it’s genuine, honest, and part of real life. Readers don’t care if you use proper punctuation, most don’t know when to use a comma anyway, so as long as the words are easy to read, that’s all writers need to worry about. It sounds simple, because it is!

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It’s a feeding frenzy that’s allowing hundreds of everyday people with a passion for writing to make a great living, from the comfort of their own home.

It’s a career that lets moms (and dads) stay at home with their children. It provides the flexibility to take time off when your kids are sick. It lets you sleep in when you’ve had a lousy nights sleep. And, it connects you with people, products, businesses, and such interesting ideas from all types of people around the world. It’s truly fascinating!

Search engine marketing is a $5.75 billion industry that will nearly double to $11.1 billion by 2010. And, businesses will invest about $8.3 billion in search engine marketing.

More content means more money!

Writing is perfect for stay-at-home moms, unemployed students, as well as those who want a rewarding, interesting, new lifetime career. Work part-time or full-time it’s up to you. You have full control of your hours and the type of writing you want to do……And straight up “You won’t find a better time to start your online writing career than right now! Right now, you can make really good money, quickly and easily.

How can you cash in, in this billion dollar industry?

With the help of Lindsay Calhoun and her manual which outlined all the steps for you in a handy, full-reference writer’s guidebook, which explains in hand-holding style every baby step you need to take to ensure that you become a successful Internet writer. You Can Enjoy a Flexible, Rewarding and Lucrative Career!

With her “Write At Home System” you’ll get hundred of tips, tricks, and tactics – plus a ton of insider secrets that will keep you on the right track. For example, you’ll discover:

* The secret ingredients for building a profitable writing career: Easy to follow steps to fast track your writing success…

* How to command top writing fees: Discover what your competition is charging and how you can instantly enhance your offer – without dropping a penny from your price…

* Five keys to include in every proposal: Use them to acquire projects, hand over fist. (Forget about being hired for one or two projects, with this tip you’ll have projects lined up for months ahead.)

* Where to instantly find work online: Forget advertising for new clients, you’ll be lead right to the feeding trough, where each day dozens of projects are available…

* Four types of clients to avoid at all costs: And, how to quickly tell the good clients from the bad…

* Five no-fail tips copywriters use daily to write faster, without any compromise in quality: Use them and you’ll easily double, or even triple, your productivity…

* Nine crucial steps to better writing: Easy to follow steps that will turn you from a mediocre writer into a great one…

* Three of the biggest mistakes writers make: Correct each one and in literately days you’ll watch your income skyrocket…

and lots more!

Where else can you start a wonderful, interesting and prosperous career for so little? Hoards of university students pay much more than that every single week, just to end up with a basic business education. But you’re getting so much more!

So grab a copy of Write at Home System today!

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