Worst Sales Page Ever? CB Quantum Pitch Filled with Hype?

By • on June 3, 2009

The worst ever??? Too much hype? Empty promises??? CB Quantum was released to a Beatlesque type frenzy yesterday on June 2nd, and after seeing all the intense plugging and hype from gurus sending me emails, I desperately wanted to see what CB Quantum was. I know – I’m weird – I like to see what all the fuss is about… sure – most stuff released is garbage, but if there is a new internet marketing product released – ME – I like to look and see what it is all about so I know for myself what the product is and ALSO – possibly more importantly – I like to see their sales page and analyze HOW they are marketing the product.

I guess that is the “marketing guy” in me who wants to see what the pitch is and how they are promoting their product.

So, when I heard about CB Quantum I eagerly clicked the links and TRIED to see their sales page.

Note how I said TRIED – I tried and tried and tried again and again and I could not get the page to come up! Geeezzzz….

Man – that always pisses me off when someone releases a product and are NOT ready for the TRAFFIC BARRAGE by people wanting to see it.

It always happens! Well, it does for the big new releases at least… eagerly anticipated products from the big shots in the biz…

Usually it is the IM amateurs who think their shared hosting account is good enough to handle the traffic of a launch – BUT – this time – it was a product launch by some of the true pros of IM.

They should know better! No excuses!

Chris & Ken (DJK – the Day Job Killer guys) & Andrew Fox are the guys behind CB Quantum Control and they are the biggest of the big – so these guys should really have known better! And maybe they did – the word going around is they got hit by 241,000 rabid buyers yesterday when they released the product.

OK… and they claim they had 4 servers serving up the eager buyers… so what gives???

Why couldn’t I see the page??? Who knows for sure – maybe they hype is real and these guys really did have high powered servers and were ready – but still – I felt locked out and it pissed me off!

So – after trying a zillion times with no luck – I gave up and turned off my computer.

Today, June 3rd is a new day and when I got up I tried the link and WHATTAYA know – I could get their sales page!

So I printed their LONG sales page (32 pages long) and sat down with a cup of coffee to read it. And all I could think as I was going through the copy was THIS SALES LETTER was loaded with FLUFF and a total PIECE OF CRAP!

They were doing ALL of the things that I despise in PRODUCT PITCHES. They were pushing the buttons over and over again selling their success and their lifestyle. New homes, a yacht, picture of their Ferrari…

I mean the only thing that was missing was a picture of hot tub with a half dozen well endowed bikini models and a ballon caption that said “You could be here!”

This has to be among the worst sales pages ever!

>>> See the CB Quantum Sales Page for Yourself!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I can’t slam the CB Quantum product or what the guys deliver – I ahve not seen it – but I can say – their approach was turning me off big time.me

I am so tired of gurus selling the “affiliate lifestyle” and not telling the product features and specifically what I will get if I buy in…

You really should see this thing… it’s a bad sales page – BUT – I have a feeling – this launch will be another record breaker. And despite my dislike of their approach selling it – I must say I am curious and would like to buy the product.


If you are a student of internet marketing you really should go and analyze the page.

Also – if anyone knows about the product and what they give you – please let me know! Despite my distaste for the sales letter – I really am curious about their product. Based on their reputations alone I am sure they deliver great value – I just wish they would have gone easy on the cliches and psychological triggers :’>

Tell me what you think!

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