WordPress PPC Theme for Salesletters, PPC Landing Pages & Presells

By • on June 17, 2009

A new WordPress PPC Theme for Salesletters, PPC Landing Pages & Presells that makes it SIMPLE and EASY to get sales!

Man, I always thought WordPress was great but never liked the fact there were too many ways for the USER to LEAVE the page.

All those sidebar and footer links, not to mention all the blogrolls and other crap that takes their eyes off of my OFFERS or the things that I WANT THEM to look at!

That is NOW a concern of the past as the wordpress ppc theme is designed just to get the results you want and NOT distract them with other junk!

Create Salesletters, Presells, and CPA/PPC Landing Pages Quickly and Easily with WordPress

Easily create a WordPress Salesletter with:

NO distracting sidebars
NO distracting headers
NO distracting footers
BEAUTIFUL typography
EASY to use ala WordPress

Especially good for those who do PPC:

Build Landing Pages Quickly and Easily.
Wordpress is a PPC guru’s dream come true. Creating pages is easy and there’s no need to upload files or spend hundreds on Landing Page generators.
Improve Quality Score.
Drop in your Title, H1 tags, ‘SEO’ content and control the URL with WordPress’ built-in Permalinks to create Google-loving pages. I’ve also integrated links at the bottom for Contact, Privacy, Terms/Conditions and Trademarks to improve Google’s Quality Score.
Stop Losing Clicks.
Each click costs money. This theme doesn’t give away precious clicks to silly sidebar links or “categories”. There’s only 2 ways to go: your way or the highway.

Visit the site for more info at: WordPress PPC Theme

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