Visitor Spy is Free – Limited Time

By Mike Liebner • on October 20, 2009

Do you know how important it is to analyze your visitor stats?


I’ve said it before and believe it more than ever – analyzing stats is  the EASIEST way to boost earnings!

Find what makes money and tweak it to make more!

I just found a great new tool to collect data from the visitors who come to our web sites! It’s 100% free and I thought it’d be cool to  share it with you!

> Visitor Spy – register for free HERE

It’s called Visitor Spy and it is kind of creepy how this stat tool actually monitors the visitors and makes recordings of what they do while they are looking at your page. I know! How cool is that!

While that in itself is data worth having, what I like is that you also get a robust tool that presents all kinds of data on visitors including where they came from and the keywords that brought them.

Now, I will warn you that the free version requires registration and will only work on 1 site. I know – this is the kind of tool we need for ALL of our sites!

Visit the VisitorSpy page – watch the detailed video (it’s HALF DOWN THE PAGE – do NOT miss it) and then register for the free account.

If you like what you see – consider upgrading, but it is NOT necessary as you can always create your account and upgrade later if you decide to.

> Visitor Spy – register for free HERE

Start tracking your visitors now! It won’t cost you a thing! Visitor Spy is free for a limited time!

It’s really free too – not a trial – FREE as in REGISTER and USE IT!

At the very least – put it on one site and have some fun spying on your visitors! You just may learn something that will put some extra money in your pocket!

Click Here NOW!

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