Vary Your Blog Posts and eat dem veggies!

By Mike Liebner • on October 29, 2009

If you post on blogs or do linking I have an article that you must read!

>>> Vary Your Link Text and Eat Your Vegetables

Do you do things to get the BEST RESULTS? Or do you do things to JUST GET BY?

The reason I ask is because we have an extreme amount of power available to us if we use the Article Underground Announcement Blogs the right way.

Do you use the blogs to get top rankings? Or do you just go through the motions?

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Yes, at AU we have a simple plan of action:

1) Build Pages

2) Get Links

And while it really is that simple when you boil it down to the core – you still need to inject a little bit of creativity and brain power if you want to succeed and get better results than the others doing this stuff.

I’m not talking about working hard either – it’s about working smarter!

So why do I bring this up?

I have been noticing that some members of Article Underground are POSTING the same repetitive stuff with little or no changes… (don’t worry we clean out the blogs of junk regularly!)

I mean – I sometimes will see the same POST in many of the blogs.

Sometimes it is just the same TITLES – or the same POST CONTENT or the SAME LINK TEXT in several or even MANY of the AU BLOGS – but even worse – sometimes I see the same exact post in many of the AU BLOGS.

Now don’t be alarmed – it doesn’t happen that much and when I catch it I will clean out some of the blog posts, but it does happen often enough I thought it’d be good to remind you that you need to eat your vegetables!

And also vary your link text (and the other stuff too!)

Being a ROBOT and simply posting the same exact suff many times over is not GOOD for you and it is NOT good for the AU BLOGS!

If you want top rankings – don’t foget that Google is very smart. They will notice the repetition and will discount the value of the links or even worse they might not count it at all.

Don’t give them garbage! This is your success we are talking about!

After all – that is the main reason why MASS SUBMISSIONS to article directories can kill you. Google sees the same exact words surrounding your LINKS! It’s too easy for them to spot this mass automated crap!

So why do this kind of stuff in the AU BLOGS when you have an opportunity to get high quality relevant txt links???

It’s too easy to create new snippets of text or add a few sentences or change a title slightly etc.

Whenever possible – vary your content – you can’t just act like a robot and get away with it. If you really want TOP RANKINGS spend a little extra time and add some HUMAN LIKE VARIATIONS to break the patterns. A little effort REALLY goes a long way.

Please read this article:

Vary Your Link Text and Eat Your Vegetables

I think it can help everyone who uses the AU BLOGS or any blogs for linking to post better quality content and achieve fantastic results!

Don’t panic after reading this – just store the info away and be a little smarter the next time you post to get links for your sites! YOU will see rewards!

That’s all for now! Best wishes for your marketing success!

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