Ultimate Guide To WordPress Plugins

By Writing Passion • on March 12, 2009

Lacking Traffic To Your Blog? Wondering How To Change That?

“The Ultimate Guide To WordPress Plugins exposes what is behind the scenes of all top ranking WordPress blogs.” The good news is… it’s available right now…

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Are You Tired Of Posting To Your Blog, And Getting No Visitors?

Then you aren’t alone. In fact, there are over 70 million blogs on the web today, with a new 120,000 created world wide, every single day. That’s about 1.4 blogs created every second of every day.

In order to be seen, you need to be in the organic search results list of all the major search engines when someone types in a keyword to search for. If you’ve been blogging a while, you know exactly how hard that is to do.

If you have a WordPress.org self-hosted blog, then you have been exposed to *plugins*. And if you haven’t, you probably need to surf a little more, and blog a little less. Plugins are mini-applications that reside inside your blog’s software to add new features.

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Why should you care about plugins? Because the right mix of plugins with the right mix of features can optimize your blog content so that search engines can find you. And once they find you, your future customers can find you too.

The right plugins can also make your visitors stay more enjoyable. Hey, come on… it doesn’t matter how many find you if they leave immediately after arriving, now does it?

The missing ingredient to a better visitor experience and more organic listings is a blend of plugins and features designed to get your content noticed. Noticed by the search engines, and noticed by your target market, no matter who that is.

This book is the end result of months of research and dozens of blog installations, testing, tracking and documenting everything. It’s full of one on one blogging advice, including some things you should avoid.

Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins is an attempt to formalize some of the concepts of building an effective blog, a powerful marketing tool and a professional appearance for yourself using good blogging strategies and plugins.

Implementing some or all of these plugins will:

o Increase traffic to your blog through organic results on search engines
o Increase your blog’s professional appearance
o Reduce your blog maintenance burden
o Increase your visitor’s satisfaction and experience
o Bring back new and old visitors
o Decrease the amount of spam on your blog
o Help you with branding yourself

These are just a few of the highlights in the book. The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins is a must read for WordPress bloggers looking to ease their *management burden*, make blogging more fun and productive and snag a little *Google Love* in the process. Download the Book Today!

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