Traffic Generation Tips From The Lazy Super Affiliate

By Writing Passion • on February 4, 2009

Most people fail miserably with traffic generation because they don’t understand the nature of supply and demand. In other words, there’s a lot of people out there trying to get traffic in niches where traffic is scarcely existent to begin with. And this goes much further than doing a quick keyword lookup with “Overture” or whatever…

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Because there’s also topics and niches that have an enormous amount of traffic – but you’ll be hard-pressed to make anything except pocket-change from it due to the nature of the market and the “customer profile”.

Focus on attracting select and very specific types of visitors, and only in markets that are best suited to this “lazy” approach for making a “hands-off” fortune.

Follow the exact process for marketing your sites and generating an endless stream of consistent traffic and sales with the help of The Lazy Super Affiliate.

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The Lazy Affiliate Blueprint includes:

• How to Effortlessly Create Freeware (And Shareware) Applications Even if You Have NO Programming Skills

• What Software I Use to Do Mass-Submissions, How to Use it Correctly and What to Avoid at ALL Costs…

• How to Maximize Your Successful Submissions & Guarantee HORDES of Easy Traffic

• What Kinds of Products Work Best to Promote With This Strategy – Some Convert Like Mad, Others Simply Don’t Convert At All With “Download” Traffic…

This is the fastest way to generate consistent, high-quality and ongoing traffic next to PPC, without a doubt.

With Lazy Super Affiliate you’ll discover how to unleash a wave of traffic for your sites and your offers in as little as 20 minutes…

Another thing is that Lazy Super Affiliate will share you a secret – a real secret that you’ve probably never been exposed to previously: A lot of super-successful affiliate marketers get their “seed” traffic from having their own product! Not only is all of their front-end traffic FREE from affiliates, they also profit on both ends.

First from the sale of their product, and then on the “backend” where they recommend great products to their client base of buying customers. It’s a very profitable “double-whammy”.

Lazy Super Affiliate will be showing you how this works, exactly. There’s a right way and a VERY wrong way to extract profits after the initial sale. It will also teach you to launch your own product – as well as the markets that are easy to enter and profit from – and things to avoid like the plague!

And you’re right – whether you want to be in the limelight or “under the radar”, it’s a very realistic possibility to clean up and make a passive, automated and substantial income by taking the “easy road” – like a real, bonafide Lazy Super-Affiliate.

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You need to understand that successful people don’t get to where they are by leeching off of others or whining and kicking until they get their way. Instead, they take responsibility for their actions, learn from their mistakes, leverage the power of other people’s experience and persist until they reach their goals.

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