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By • on July 7, 2009

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  • More Quality = Less Wasted Time5
    Day 1: Chicken Or Egg?
    Recommended PLR resources
    Keyword research
    Day 2: Creating The Product
    Do it yourself
    Use software
    Pay someone else to do it
    Day 3: Setting Up Your Site
    Your domain name & webhosting
    Creating & publishing your webpages
    Modifying the sales page
    The download page
    Your ‘squeeze’ page
    Going live
    Day 4: Driving Fast Traffic
    Find affiliates
    Paid advertising
    Day 5: Get Writing
    Day 6: Being Web 2.0 ‘Savvy’
    Start a blog
    Tell your friends about it
    Get Digging and Stumbling
    Set up a forum
    Day 7: Don’t Guess – Know!
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