Top Affiliate Does It Wrong – that’s his secret!

By Mike Liebner • on November 8, 2009

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It’s refreshing to read an ebook on making money as an affiliate and hear the dude say “You don’t always have to do things the hard way to get results.” And “Do it WRONG as often and as quickly as possible. You’ll increase the odds of you finding your own goldmine.”

Now, I know there are those of you who are turned off by that kind of talk, but the reality is, there is a lot of TRUTH in those 2 sentences I copied from the ebook included in the new AffiliateX from Dayjob Killer.

Now, this isn’t a full review, but since I have had AffiliateX for 3 days now, I thought I better tell you about it while it’s hot and fresh.

Let me just say that Chris, the main man behind this project, is one sharp dude, and I’m learning a lot already and I’m only a short way into the training materials.

To make a long story short, Chris basically ran into this dude named Mike Auton by accident. He sent Chris an email and within a short time Chris was pulling the secrets from Mike about what he was doing to make big commissions from one keyword.

ONE keyword goes against what many gurus teach. The course though goes on to bash that approach and instead takes the path of suggesting you can make a killing by doing things the wrong way and the fast way, by cutting corners and throwing out the rules they are teaching.

While as a generalization this may not be accurate 100% of the time, it does make a lot of sense in the respect that what many of us need is a BIG PUSH to just do things – even if we do them wrong.

I have said it before, that the ACT of doing is more important than doing things right or perfect because very often even the wrong way will make us money! In many cases doing something halfways good is better than doing NOTHING PERFECTLY.

The reason I bring this up to you is to establish that this product is very different. IT goes against the grain. But what is so good about it is that I believe that it will PUSH a lot of people who may not otherwise take action to get out there and do things.

The simple act of doing is what is needed to become a super affiliate. You need to try out and test things and fail a few times in order to find those big giant golden nuggets!

Now – I’ll say this – if you’re the kind of person that finds this kind of talk refreshing you should go and look at AffiliateX. It’s really unique and loaded with info to help us make money as affiliates. IF however you feel this ANTI APPROACH of validating failure is NOT GOOD – then you probably shouldn’t go this route. Either way – you should look at the product details and watch the video from Chris.

Oh… one more thing – AffiliateX is the first product from Chris that is NOT 100% about PPC – it includes as part of it’s strategy NATURAL SEARCH and getting free traffic. It’s a pretty cool product from one of the most knowledgeable affiliate marketers out there, and AffiliateX just might just be the push you need to jump into the big leagues!

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