Step Up Your Revenue By Marketing Your Product On The Internet

By Writing Passion • on April 21, 2009

Discover step-by-step on how to double your small business’ revenue by using 11 secrets that your competitors know nothing about the power of the internet to attract a stampede of new customers to your business!

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Michael Geary & Gary Nealon — Internet Marketing Expert Consultants created a course called “Internet Marketing Power Strategies for the Small Business Owner:Drive Loads of New Customers to Your Small Business with These Advanced Web Marketing Techniques”. This course is created for small business owners in order for them to understand the significance of the Internet in promoting their businesses.

Below are some of the specific hidden gems you’ll discover in this program that will help you to start getting loads of new customers to your website and explode your small business:

~A Sneaky Way to Get Web Traffic from Your Local TV News Station’s Website

Think about this for a second… It would cost you a small fortune to pay for a TV ad spot during a commercial on your local morning or evening news station. But what most business owners don’t know is that you can get massive exposure from a large portion of those same viewers by getting traffic from that same TV news station’s website back to your website.

~The nine specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) steps that most business owners don’t know

Gary & Michaels unique SEO methods will catapult your website right to the top of the Google, Yahoo and MSN search engine rankings… ahead of all of your competitors

~A unique secret for getting your website to show up 3-5 times on one single page of a search query!

This is another cool online marketing trick that almost nobody knows about how to get your website (or a site that links to your website) to show up 3, 4, or even 5 times or more (on the SAME PAGE!) for a given search engine query related to your business.

~ Tap into the Massive traffic of the new bohemoth of the web – FACEBOOK!

Don’t worry… this doesn’t involve spending hours every day trying to build new groups of friends on Facebook. To be honest, I don’t even have a Facebook account for social networking… I only use the advertising feature in Facebook. You’re going to be blown away when you see how powerful Facebook advertising can be!

~ How to siphon off some of the massive traffic that Youtube gets and send those visitors to your website

You may have thought that Youtube was nothing but a big jumbled mess of stupid humor videos… But what most business owners don’t realize is that Youtube can be used to generate big web traffic to your business (whether your business is national, international, or just local)… either way, Youtube can be an extremely powerful marketing tool to add to your arsenal.

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This course was designed to help you increase your business whether you are a pure beginner to web marketing, or even if you’re already an advanced marketer.

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Even if you have absolutely no experience or
technical knowledge, I still think you’ll benefit
from watching this video.

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