New Source Code Goldmine V8

By Mike Liebner • on March 6, 2009

There is a brand new Source Code Goldmine V8 coming on March 10th!

I just got a sneak peek at the v8 product (I have a copy!) and I can tell you that you do not want to miss this newest version of SCGM. It’s awesome! Man – it has an AUTO BLOGGER that looks hot!!!

Source Code GOLDMINE Version 8!

BUT I NEED TO WARN YOU – it will sell out fast – most likely in 2 or 3 days (or sooner)

Here’s just SOME of what you get with each and every one of these 10 premium PLR products:

The Well Guarded Source Files – This means you get the word documents for all of the eBooks, the video source files for all of the videos and the programming code source files for all of the software!  You can use these to fully customize every single product to be your own unique creation with no product development!

Graphics Just Like Eye Candy – This package is loaded with eBooks, header and footer graphics as well as order buttons, graphical testimonial boxes, customized bullet images for each product.  This is by far the most complete and beautiful graphics package you’ve ever seen and you get one for EVERY product!

Source Code GOLDMINE!

A Smoking Hot Salesletter – It’s no secret that I employ a full time copywriter that does nothing but write copy for me.  He writes the copy for my website including the one you’re reading right now and he also wrote the copy for all ten of your products!  You better believe that his copy sells because my packages sell out within days, every time!

Interactive, Sales Converting Websites – Each product comes with it’s own highly effective direct response website design.  These are not just lame templates.  I had the graphics guy do every graphic imaginable and I had the site designed from a state of psychologically inducing the customer to buy.

The SCGM Coaching Manual – Over the years, we’ve hand coached a very select few clients on how to get started the fastest with their products and we’ve charged a pretty penny to do it.  The good news is that we arranged all of the “turbo speed setup” coaching we did into a highly graphical coaching manual that you get included with your package!  The products are already easy to setup and now they are zero excuses for you to get setup today!

Source Code GOLDMINE!

Full Support For You AND Your Customers – If everything above wasn’t enough, you are also going to get full priority support via our customer only support desk.  This ensures that your questions go to the appropriate staff member for fast responses.  What’s even better is that we provide this service and support to all of your customers for life as well!  You don’t have to do ANY support, ever!

Updates For Life – All 10 of your new products come complete with updates included for life!  That means if anything is ever added or a bug is found and fixed, we will provide you the update absolutely free of charge.  We can also do this for your customers!

Source Code GOLDMINE!

Jeremy’s sales always, always sell out at his full price within a few days – don’t take a chance.

Check out this newest batch of resale products – they will make you money.

These sales sell out fast so be ready bright to stake your claim on one of these. I am not sure how the 500 copies will be available so you will want to hop on this quick!

Source Code GOLDMINE V8!

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