Shiny Object Warning – Maverick Money Makers

By Mike Liebner • on May 3, 2009

OK, so here I am 4 months after getting it and I’m still a member of the Maverick Money Makers Club. IT just has too much good stuff to cancel it!

If you are not familiar with it – the Maverick Money Makers Club is put together by IM wizard Mack Michaels and is a club where he shares intimate details and gives instructions showing how he is making big money in online marketing.

Check out the Maverick Money Makers Club

Mack says: “This System Makes Me At Least $171,168.06 Per Month And You Can Start Using It 15 Minutes From Now”

Here is Mack’s checklist of what he wanted in a job:

  • I want to work from home or anywhere else I choose.I want to have a job that will give me all the free time I want.

    I want to spend more time with my family.

    I want an income that will give my family more than we need

    I want to travel whenever I want.

    I want to do something that I enjoy.

    I want to be able to make as much money as a doctor.

    I want something that will be easy to do.

    I want to only work a few hours a day.

    I want to be able to make money whether I’m actually working or not, automated income.

    I want (and need) to start making money right now.

If you want the same things as Mack – consider joining the club!

Check out the Maverick Money Makers Club

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