SEO Blog Optimization – Rank #1 in Google Using WordPress CMS

By Writing Passion • on March 13, 2009

Learn how to install your own blog and how to turn WordPress into an online cash machine! Get Online in One Day and Rank #1 in Google using the WordPress CMS. . .All In This SEO Blog Optimization eBook!

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Steve Wiideman, award-winning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert and Internet Marketing Consultant, worked with Fortune 500 companies for a decade, and hundreds of small business clients, have finally discovered the tool and tactics required to have both self-published content and SEO best practices.

The best part is that it’s 100% FREE.

After working with several dozen website-building products, he have discovered the one that is the easiest to work with. And, it comes with all the bells and whistles one needs to get HIGH RANKING IN GOOGLE.

It’s Called WordPress, a Blog CMS

The people who built WordPress intended the program to be for people who wanted to have their own blog. They originally did not want it to be used for commercial purposes and still frown on the use of their tool for marketing purposes.

But, SEO Experts have discovered how to make millions with WordPress! Enter SEO Blog Optimization, a one-of-a-kind visual tutorial that walks you step by step through the installation and optimization of the WordPress CMS.

This step-by-step guide to installing WordPress and optimizing the program to rank well in the search engines will save you THOUSANDS of dollars on costly programming, graphic design, and more importantly search engine optimization.

Business owners and entrepreneurs alike are looking for ways to reduce costs and get more value from their investments. The tools in this extremely detailed walk-through of optimizing WordPress can be done by one person and usually in less than ONE DAY!

and SEO Blog Optimization will pave the way for more savings to come!

Using the techniques described in this ebook, one can effectively launch a new website built on WordPress with all the search engine optimization bells and whistles in LESS THAN A DAY!

SEO Blog Optimization will walk you through the simple steps of selecting the best search terms, setting up WordPress (the right way), adding our “secret recipe” setup and plugin list, and submitting your website to search engines and to websites that will display your content via RSS.

Once you are all setup, you need only write new content to get more traffic to your website from Google, and SEO Blog Optimization will help you create and manage your content list.

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If you’re at all serious about having all the traffic you can get to a website you built yourself using WordPress, then act now and see how profitable these strategies can be for your business or business idea!

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