PPC Formula 2 – Pay Per Click Formula v2 is here!

By Mike Liebner • on March 31, 2009

Pay Per Click Formula 3 is here!

New BONUS + Webinar Event – with Gauher Chaudhry

Pay Per Click Formula 3 with a BIG bonus!

PPC Formula V2 aka Pay Per Click Formula by Gauher Chaudhry is here! Today 3-31-09 is launch day. Be sure to scroll down for a great bonus offer from Mike Liebner.

As Gauher himself proclaims “Finally… a real complete system on how to make Pay Per Click marketing pay you  $10,000 – $50,000 – even $150,000 every 30 days — starting this month”

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This course is the bomb! It’s what YOU need if you want to master promoting CPA offers through PPC and other cheap advertising forms!

Gauher is the master of CPA and PPC and his course is loaded with tons of valuable info you can’t get anywhere else!

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Here is a breakdown of each module as described by Gauher Chaudry himself:Â

Pay Per Click Formula Module 1: Introduction To CPA Marketing and Traffic Brokering

This module will cover how to get ahead in the traffic brokering business.  I cover four of my techniques (Loner method, Workhorse method, Peek-A-Boo method and Bribe method).

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 1:

How to pick a CPA offer that practically guarantees to be a success.Â

I could literally go on and on about what is in this module, but there is simply too much to cover.Â
Pay Per Click Formula Module 2: Market Research and Offer Selection

Market research is essential to gauging the demand and competition for a CPA offer.  The worse thing you can do is just randomly throw up CPA offers hoping that a few stick and make you money.  This will drain your time and kill your Google Adwords account history score.  You need to work smart, not hard.  Research the market first and then select a CPA offer to promote.

Here is what you will find in PPC Formula 2 Module 2:

This module will cover tools to help you find markets that have a demand and track certain trends.

A free tool that helps you compare and narrow offers down on multiple CPA networksÂ
Pay Per Click Formula Module 3: Keyword Research and Tactics

Understand one thing… keywords will be the foundation to your traffic brokering business.  This module will cover all my keyword strategies including the powerful “Alexa” and “Geo-Targeting” techniques.  I also reveal some of my favorite keyword tools that can speed up and assist in the keyword research process.

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 3:

How to use the “Alexa” technique to create an avalanche of traffic to your CPA lead offers.  I did a case study in the members forum back in December and showed the members  how I created an annualized income stream of over $100,000 in less than 96 hours using this technique alone.

How to use the “Reverse Alexa” technique to show you quickly what CPA lead offers you should be promoting.  This will reduce the number of times you need to test and track to determine what CPA offers convert profitably.

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How you can literally increase the number of targeted keywords you have running in an ad campaign by 100x (yes! that is 100 times) by incorporating the “Geo-Targeting” technique for certain CPA offers that this technique  is relevant for.

How you can manipulate certain targeted key phrases that will help dramatically reduce your click costs but still maintain the same lead conversion rate.

How to use a seldom used feature that allows you to reduce ad impressions and increase click-thru rates on all your pay per click ads.  This will help you get a better ad placement for your ads and more traffic.

How I use a relatively new keyword research tool to see exactly what keywords my competitors are bidding on.  This tool allows you to download thousands of keywords that your competitors have already researched and tested.

How to use a powerful keyword tool that can help you create thousands of keyword variations in just  minutes.  This tool will save you hundreds of hours of keyword compilation.Â

Full video tutorials on various keyword research tools and much more!

Pay Per Click Formula Module 4: Silo Site Building and Landing Pages

One of the problems with dealing with Google Adwords is their regaulr Google slaps.  It is evident that Google is requiring that their paid advertisers start promoting sites that mimic the organic results to give their users a “good user experience.”  In this module, I cover the exact type of web site that you should have and convert landing page strategies to get the best bid prices and conversions.

Here is what you will get in PPC Formula 2 Module 4:

A complete blueprint to building a silo site that Google loves.  I will even provide you with the exact template that you simply have to modify for your own use.

The absolute required criteria for a crazy converting landing page that helps presell your CPA offer.

A link to a resource that provides you with 108 tips to increase landing page conversions.

A bonus MP3 call between two super affiliates the cover creating great landing pages.
Pay Per Click Formula Module 5: Creating Great Ad Copy

Having great ad copy for your PPC ads is what will propel your click-thru rate (CTR) higher, which in turn will raise your ad position and lower your bid prices.  That is why this module is so important.  A breakeven campaign can become instantly profitable if you can get a better CTR and lower bid price.  I cover in detail my different strategies for generating a higher click-thru rate on my ads.

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You will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 5:

Different techniques to use in your headline to increase readerships

Many different display URL tricks to increase your CTR rates

How to use psychology to increase your CTR rates

I give you a list of the best headlines and key phrases to use in your ads to increase your CTRÂ
Pay Per Click Formula  Module 6: Google Adwords Search Network

Google Adwords is the biggest source for pay per click traffic on the Internet.  Use it without any experience or guidance and you could lose thousands of dollars in a short period of time.Â

Dominating Google Adwords will get you inside my head and show you exactly how you can generate high natural click-thru rates that will allow you to dominate markets fairly quickly.Â

Revealed in this module is also the split-tracking formula to measure traffic from the search and content networks separately, which is vital to your traffic brokering success.Â

Almost 95% percent of Adwords advertisers have no clue about this simple formula that could potentially explode their profits.

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 6:

Exactly what is the Google Adwords quality score and what makes up the biggest factors that will affect your ad placement and bid price.  If you understand the most important factors, creating high ranking ads will be a breeze.

Why the 30 click rule for measuring ad performance is a myth and could in fact be hurting your ad campaigns.  Whoever came up with this rule needs to take a statistics course!

How to use the dynamic keyword insertion tool in your ads to skyrocket your click-thru rate.  I will also show you how to use the dynamic keyword insertion tool to track the performance of individual keywords.

How to split test properly in Google Adwords to ensure that you always have the best performing ad being displayed.

How to create destination URLs to track individual keywords in minutes, even if you have thousands of keywords.Â
Pay Per Click Formula Module 7: Google Adwords Content Network

Google Content network is the largest advertising platform on Earth.  But every pay per click search marketer I meet is constantly talking about how they are banging their head trying to figure out Google Search.  Why?  In some of my campaigns, I get 1000 times more traffic from the content network as compared to my search campaigns.  The bids are cheaper and the potential to make money is much more in for some campaigns.  I know some affiliates making millions who strictly use the content network and nothing else.

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Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 7:

What you must absolutely do before you start any content campaign on Google Adwords in order to guarantee a profitable CPA ad campaign.

Why it is important to understand the fundamental difference between the search network and content network and why you should always separate the traffic from the two networks.

Why image ads are King on the content network and how you easily get image ads up on the content network in less than 15 minutes.Â

What Google technicians told me to do to my ad campaigns to explode my traffic.  This is not common knowledge.  Google engineers had to get involved with one of my account when my traffic suddenly stooped on the content network.  I did exactly what they told me to do to get my millions of daily impressions back.

How I managed to get 1.5 million clicks on the Google content network and only paid one cent per click!  I will show you how to get these one cent clicks and a lot of it in a short amount of time.Â
Pay Per Click Formula Module 8: Google Adwords Placement Targeting

The Google Placement targeting feature on the Google content network has got to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Seriously.  Where else do you have the ability to specifically target thousands, if not, miliions of web sites with the click of a mouse button.

It boggles my mind why peopel are not taking advantage of placing their ads on specific sites.  No more guess  work for the Google content bot.  You tell Google Adwords where to place your ads.

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 8:

How to mine data from your content reports to identify what sites to place your ads on using the “Roth Domination” strategy.

How to drive your CTR rate through the roof using the “Site Leverage” strategy.

A complete rolodex of tools to find targeted sites to place your ads on in minutes.Â
Pay Per Click Formula Module 9: Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo Search Marketing is the most under-appreciated PPC search engines.  Yahoo still gets more traffic than Google on some days so it shouldn’t be ignored.  I know super affiliates who make most of their affiliate commissions with only Yahoo traffic.  Yahoo doesn’t have as much a rigid quality score as Google and they allow affiliates to directly link to CPA offers.

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Here is what you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 9:

How to use the bait and switch technique to get keywords approved on Yahoo Search Marketing

How to pass keyword tokens in Yahoo easily so that you can track ad campaigns down to the keyword level.

How to drive a surge of traffic from the Yahoo content network.

How to use Yahoo’s image platform and get millions of impressions for your CPA offers.Â
Pay Per Click Formula Module 10: MSN Adcenter

Except for a few webinars, there are no ebooks that cover MSN Adcenter to my knowledge.  In this module, you will learn how to dominate the competition with MSN Adcenter.  MSN Adcenter has quickly become one of the largest pay per click search engines because of the volume and high quality of traffic they bring.

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 10:

How to use parameters in your MSN Adcenter ads to laser target your prospects that will dramatically increase your click-thru rate.

How to use the precision targeting feature in the MSN Adcenter console to generate better qualified traffic that converts easily.  I will show you how you can target by location, gender and age!

How to find out the demographics of what people are searching for on the Internet by keyword.  This will help you write better targeted ads that get incredible click-thru rates.

An MSN loophole that allows you to get any keyword approved.Â
Pay Per Click Formula Module 11: Other PPC Search Engines

This is where 99% of people who are trying to make money with CPA offers and pay per click search engines miss the boat.  They put all their effort into Google Adwords, lose a ton of money, and then say CPA marketing doesn’t work.Â

There are hidden gems of traffic sources that can convert quite well.  In fact, when I was slapped silly by Google Slap II, I lost close to $80,000 in annualized CPA commissions overnight.  I managed to replace all of this income within 72 hours from just one of the traffic sources mentioned in this module.

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 11:

One of the most underated sources of pay per click traffic.  This traffic source in some cases converts traffic into leads better than Google, Yahoo and MSN!

Three sources of contextual traffic that can change the pay per click game in your favor quickly.

Pay per click sources of traffic that have been written off as dead by many PPC marketers that are consistently making me money every month.Â

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Pay Per Click Formula Module 12: Organic Planting

After running pay per click campaigns for years, there comes a point when you can easily determine what your “money” keywords are and how you can take these “money” keywords and make thousands of dollars in CPA affiliate commissions with free traffic.

In PPC Formula 2 Module 12, I will explain:

How to identify your money keywords so that you can start building natural SEO traffic to them.

How to use social media resources like Squidoo and Hubpages to drive free traffic to CPA offers.

How to use video traffic and make money with CPA offers.

How to build a matrix of links to get higher natural SEO rankings for your money keywords.Â
Pay Per Click Formula Module 13: Domain Domination

This module covers the power of usinf domain names to generate traffic.  By analyzing your PPC data (I will show you how), you can find a goldmine of free traffic from domain names and various variations.

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 13:

How to identify based on your PPC data, what domain names you should register for free traffic.

How to resurrect a dead domain and use the search engines bots to rebuild the entire web site with backlinks to get more free traffic.Â
PPC Formula 2 Module 14: Testing & Tracking

Testing and tracking is what helps CPA affiliates find winning CPA offers.  By disciplining yourself to test and track on a regular basis, you will be able to quickly identify CPA offers that have the most potential to make you the most amount of money.

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 14:

I will show you how to macro level track your campaigns so that you know how much you made the previous day right down to the penny

How to use the reports available on most CPA networks to your advantageÂ
Pay Per Click Formula Module 15: Regeneration of Lost Traffic

This is one of the main pillars of PPCF 2.0.  This module covers a revolutionary software tool that can literally add tens of thousands of dollars to your monthly CPA income without spending an additional cent on PPC advertising.

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I used this patent pending tool to generate an additional $25,000+ in CPA commissions on one CPA offer just this past January.  This $25,000 in profits was extra gravy to my bottom line.Â

Here is what else you will discover in Module 15:

What this tool is and why you should be using it on all your CPA campaigns

Why I never direct link to a CPA offer anymore.

How you can test this tool out free without any risk and watch your profits skyrocket.

How you can control traffic the entire time as a prospect goes through the sequence of steps of a CPA offer.Â

How to create a “daisy-chain” of events that almost makes it impossible not to make money with your pay per click ads.Â
Pay Per Click Formula Module 16: Other Advanced Tactics

In this module, I cover other advanced techniques to help you make more money in the traffic brokering business.

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 16:

How to eliminate CPA networks from the equation.

How to give yourself an instant 20% payout increase.

PPC Formula Module 17: Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic is hot.  With some social media communities numbering well over 200 million members, these are sources of traffic that you definately want to take advantage of.  A lot of major social media web sites have created their own in-house advertising platforms allowing you to buy pay per click ads for display right in their communities.

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 17:

How to use Facebook PPC ads to drive traffic to CPA offers.

How to use MySpace PPC ads to drive traffic to CPA offers.Â

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Pay Per Click Formula Module 18: Free PPC Ads

Huh?  Free Pay per click ads?  Yup, it is possible and while services like Google Adwords allow this clever way of getting free traffic from pay per click, then I will conitnue to do it and earn more CPA commissions.  I don’t know when Google Adwords will disallow this, but while the opportunity to get free traffic from Google is available, why not take advantage of it?

Here is what else you will discover in PPC Formula 2 Module 18:

How to use this technique on other pay per click search engines outside of Google.

How you can apply this out side of CPA marketing and make a ton of money if you have the right structure in place and don’t mind direct sales.

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PPCF2 Bonus – Pay Per Click Formula 2

Pay Per Click Formula 3 is here! New BONUS + Webinar Event – with Gauher Chaudhry

It’s Mike Liebner and I have some updated information about a training course from one of the most respected authorities on CPA (cost per action) and PPC (pay per click) – his name is Gauher Chaudhry and he has changed the lives of many of today’s most successful marketers, including my own.

Other courses and training have come and gone, but Pay Per Click Formula 2 is the one course I regularly look to for new ideas and to master the newest techniques.

This is the one course that simply covers so much cutting edge stuff and has so many bright fresh ideas that no one else is doing, that I might possibly have to say if I had one course on a desert island – this would be it!

That’s all sincere! Not just hype!

Now, the PPCF2 course is still version 2, but I can say from experience that Gauher continuously adds new material and techniques to help us spot trends and take advantage of the newest stuff.

I’m offering a worthwhile bonus for buyers of the new course. I’ll put the bonus info at the bottom. It will help you get the most from your investment!

Now, you may be hearing a lot about Gauher these days and how is the number one guy to learn about Adwords and PPC from – but after spending a lot of time with Gauher and the training, I think it is far more accurate to say that he is a “traffic brokering expert”, because PPCF2 teaches us about so much more than just Adwords and PPC. That stuff is a big part, but it barely scratches the surface of the availble traffic out there.

Now, I need to warn you that unless you are a few steps above beginner level, I would not suggest taking the course at this time. If you still need to learn how to build a web page or register a domain – I’m sorry – but this course is definitely not for you.

It’s expensive (worth every penny), but more importantly, the secret to attaining success with this course and the concepts you will learn is by putting things into action.

If you’re just not ready to do things right away and strike while the iron is hot – I’d say – do not buy this course. You’re much better off learning the basics at your level and gaining some experience.

If however, you have at least a little experience with promoting offers as an affiliate and have had some success getting traffic and making money from it – PPCF2 is definitely for you! It will help propel you the next level!

Don’t get me wrong – a beginner could learn a lot from Pay Per Click Formula 2, and it could hook you up with some invaluable concepts and connect you with a community of winners – but unless you are truly ready to move to the next level – this thing has the capability of overwhelming you – especially IF you are not ready to try things as you learn them.

Because trust me on this – there are simply so many unique techniques that no one else is teaching about – that you might just get overwhelmed.

This stuff is cutting edge and the ones that profit the most are the ones who DO THIS stuff before the market gets saturated and everyone is doing it.

If you are not ready to jump ideas and strategies and try them out – it’d be a waste of getting access to PPCF2.

 >>> Pay Per Click Formula 2

Now, why is Pay Per Click Formula 2 so special???

There are a lot of reasons but from my experience I’d have to say the most appealing to me is the fact that Gauher likes to create video tutorials that expose an exact and specific technique. All the steps documented and shown with examples.

You see there are so many different ways and angles to promote a CPA offer. There are so many possible traffic sources. There are so many possible keywords to target. But you need to do one method all the way through and that’s where Gauhers training shines – he shows us all the steps exactly as he does it himself.

I don’t know about you – but I am tired of some of the training out there thatpromises to show a secret technique but it’s more like an overview. It may talk about the technique and even show how it can be done – but all too often something is missing. A step is conveniently not shown.

All too often these guys are worried about you stealing their ideas – so they hold back. NOT GAUHER!

What’s cool about Gauher is that he still does this stuff and is very successful himself running CPA offers and brokering traffic. He takes actual methods he himself uses and he walks us through showing exactly how he does it. He even shows us some of the actual campaigns he is running and are still working for him.

Compared to other training out there – this one delivers the stuff that most of the other products edit out or blur out so we don’t see it.

They hide the good stuff. NOT GAUHER!

With Pay Per Click Formula 2 you get 100’s of strategies and techniques to find CPA offers and send traffic to and you get all the steps so that you can actually do these things yourself!

OK, I better stop because I could go on and on as I truly personally believe in Gauher and PPCF2 so much that with confidence I can say that anyone that buys in at the current price or even any future price will walk away happy with their investment.

There is just too much good to gain than to imagine someone who wouldn’t be happy with PPCF2.

What I would like to ask you to do is go to the page and see for yourself. Make sure to scroll down till you find the video from Greg Davies.

 >>> Pay Per Click Formula 2

Greg’s one of us and his video runs about 6 minutes and he talks about how PPCF2 has helped him achieve his six figure monthly income.

This particlular testimonial really sums up what you get and shows you how the right person can take something like Pay Per Click Formula 2 and turn it into huge profits!

If you have any interest in learning how to bebroker tons of traffic and to master the art of promoting CPA offers, this is the one course you want to have!

It’s a deep course and is actually a lifetime product (you get updates forever) and it is exspensive, however there is a 3 pay plan which will make it easier for some of you to get in on this.

While it can be a real exciting experience to dive in and learn from a master such as Gauher, it can also be an overwhelming experience.

I know what it’s like to get immersed in a deep course of training and based on my own experience I have created a bonus offer that I think can really help you get the most from Pay Per Click Formula 2.

For me, the missing link has always been having someone knowledgeable I can discuss all this deep complex and cutting edge stuff with. Sure, I discuss some of the concepts with friends or even other marketers, but unless the people are at the same level, studying the same thing – it can be frustrating trying to have meaningful conversations.

My bonus can help solve this bottleneck because if you get Pay Per Click Formula 2 with a valid transaction through my affiliate link and I get credit, I will be there right alongside of you to share ideas and thoughts about the training. I can offer advice and help.

My bonus deal includes: 5,200 Keyword Optimized PLR Articles from Article Underground, 3 free private coaching sessions with me Mike Liebner via Skype or IM, plus membership to a small focus group of PPC marketers – an “Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Group” – a place where we can all gather to discuss CPA Marketing, Pay Per Click, Landing Pages, Speed PPC, Adwords and just about anything else that relates to Affiliate Marketing.

If you have ever wished you had someone you could ask a question or bounce an idea off of – this is what you really need! It’s all part of the bonus if you buy Pay Per Click Formula 2 through my affiliate link – Valid Purchase Required to Qualify for Bonus.

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Simply clear your cookies on your browser and click the above LINK to make sure I get credit if you decide to buy Pay Per Click Formula 2, then send me your payment info to:


I’ll then be in touch by email and get you all set up with the bonus.

If you want to conquer the world of CPA and PPC – this is the way to do it!

Gauher’s excellent training and cutting edge ideas along with the coaching sessions and group interaction provided by the bonus!

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