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By Writing Passion • on February 20, 2009

Are you disappointed by the results of your website or ads? You have to realize you’re doing something wrong. . . basically, you’re not being persuasive enough. And the way to be more persuasive is the right use of persuasive language – and that’s what this is all about!

Want to know how successful people use “linguistic tricks” to get ordinary people to buy their products and ideas with ZERO resistance, and how you can do the same?

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Would you like to:

* Build intense excitement and desire for your products and services
* Establish credibility and expertise (even if you’re just starting out)
* Change a person’s beliefs about what your product can do
* Differentiate your business from your competition using just words
* Create that “I’ve got to have this!” feeling in your prospects

If you answer yes to all questions, you are fortunate enough to discover “NLP Language Patters For Advertising”. This new ebook and software package shows you step-by-step how to convert prospects into customers using covert persuasion language. These language patterns have helped hundreds of businesses – online and offline – increase their earnings by up to 317%!

In this package you will discover how to use these same language patterns in your ads and on your website to make more money. Why are these language patterns so powerful? Because they bypass the conscious, critical mind and head for the subconscious, emotional mind – where the real buying decisions take place.

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“NLP Language Patterns for Advertising” packs everything you need to make your advertising more persuasive, more interesting, and more profitable. With it, you’ll discover how to:

* keep prospects thinking about your products – in the top of their minds
* develop a sense of rapport with your readers – as if they’ve known you for years
* increase the perceived value of your offer – making you more money faster
* get prospects to believe what you want them to believe – without resistance
* have readers commit to your business – ignoring your competition!
* make prospects feel that it is very easy to do business with you

Professional copywriters of all types now keep a copy of NLP Language Patterns for Advertising on hand whenever they are writing copy. It’s their secret weapon in their fight with competitors. Will you make it your secret weapon too? Get your copy now.

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