Offer Bonuses To Attract Customers To Your Websites

By Writing Passion • on January 30, 2009

Ride the backs of the most successful Clickbank Publishers and steal the money they’re leaving on the table. “Sell 30%-50% More Without Doing Anything Extra” by having the Clickbank Bonus Domination system!

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I know for a fact that with each and every affiliate sale you make you’re leaving money on the table. Money that’s yours for the taking. None of the big name gurus or day job killers will tell you that…because they didn’t have a system like this.

If you want to compete with other affiliates and make your mark, you have to offer a bonus as an incentive to purchase. Incentives are everywhere and buyers have become savvy enough to shop for the best incentive. Fortunately for you, many people simply offer the same bonuses that are available just about anywhere.

The truth is, most people are lazy and just don’t know where to begin to build a great bonus offer. Jeff Czyzewski created a blueprint for building high value, unique bonuses that will have prospects buying from you just to get your bonus.

For the first time as an affiliate, you can have the upper hand. Now you can entice prospects with high value, instantly delivered bonuses, amazing upsell offers directly after a sale and the ability to build a list of customers. All on auto pilot.

What’s The Clickbank Bonus Domination Tool?

The opportunities are endless for how CB Bonus Domination can be used, but it’s easy for you to operate.

“Here Are 6 More Big Reasons that Clickbank Bonus Domination is the Ultimate System for You”

1. Discover the Secrets to Creating The Ultimate Incentive Offers for Any Promotion

2. Use the Hidden Area inside of Clickbank to Instantly Connect with Every ClickBank Affiliate Sale you make

3. Increase your sales income by automatically upsell customers products when they are in prime buying mode

4. Instantly add customers to your own autoresponder list so you can market to them again and again. Customer lists are more power than Prospect lists.

5. Automatically Protect your high demand bonuses against returns and expire bonus offers at anytime you specify

6. No other Affiliate Software package can offer the flexibility and features that CBBD does and it will only be available for a limited time. Become one of the ultra exclusive users.

This step by step Bonus Domination Blueprint takes all of the guesswork out of how to can create high quality, high value, unique bonuses buyers demand.

With the Clickbank Domination System you can also:

**Add customers to your Autoresponder lists right after they purchase.
**Upsell customers and increase your commission or offer your own product.
**Offer unique bonuses based on how the customer found you.
**Offer personalized sales content based on what the customer just purchased

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ClickBank Bonus Domination is going to be a Gold mine to anybody who gets it. After Jeff will show you exactly what CBBD can do you can be like a kid at Christmas thinking about all the extra money you’re going to make with it.

Once you get access to Clickbank Bonus Domination you’ll also receive…

The Bonus Delivery System Customization Guide & Videos: A complete customization guide for creating your own themes and building your own Bonus Template Pages.

This step by step guide and video will show you exactly what can be done to make the Bonus Delivery System look like a part of your own website.

Plus you even get the Photoshop templates. It couldn’t be easier.

This is going to be a Once in a Lifetime opportunity to get access to this powerful affiliate sales system. There are only going to be a limited number of licenses sold so hurry! Get This System Right Now!

Remember, this is the only system available that will put you in direct contact with customers after they purchase from you’re link. A system this powerful is going to create Chaos for other affiliates so you had better get your copy before your competitors do.

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Even if you have absolutely no experience or
technical knowledge, I still think you’ll benefit
from watching this video.

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