List Building with Giveaways (plus free ebook)

By Mike Liebner • on February 3, 2009

Hi, it’s Mike Liebner with a freebie for you along with some helpful information that can help you build a list of customers and subscribers.

The freebie is an ebook called “Fireball Secrets to List Building” and you will find the secret username and password at the bottom of this message. You’ll need them to get the free download.

But first – let’s discuss ‘list building”.

I know some of you are already experts on building a list of subscribers, but there are others among you that are new to the concept. It’s not required that you “build a list” now – but at some point you will want to incorporate this into your business plan.

Basically – building a list is when you collect email names from people who opt-in to a special report or newsletter – or – make a purchase from you and get added to your customer list.

Building a list is an essential step for any marketer who desires to create a relationship with those that are passing by on our web sites or advertising materials. It’s like making a friend and adding them to your rolodex, but in a mass automated fashion. Then once someone is on your list – you can reach out and say hi any time you want! This can be very powerful!

Have you heard the saying “The money is in the list”???

The big dogs like to say this because when you have a big list of people who subscribe to your information or club, you have the ability to send targeted special offers – or freebies with helpful information!

The idea is to build a relationship – hopefully like I do! It’s more than just sending out offers! And that’s why giveaways are so powerful! You create goodwill!

Building a list can be a slow and drawn out process – we all can benefit from methods that can bring us many new friends in a short time!

One of the best ways to get brand new people to join your “list” is by offering free gifts. Even better is creating an event – offer a large basket of freebies from a group of contributors! These are referred to as “giveaway events” and are usually a collective of well known marketers who donate free gifts to a jumbo promotional effort! It’s a brilliant idea!

It works for both the end user who gets great stuff for free and it works for the marketers who have an opportunity to make new friends and add them to their “list”.

I almost hate to say this, but I have been plotting for over 2 years to do my own personal massive giveaway promotion. I bought domain names long ago and have the groundwork prepared – but – man – it is just such a massive undertaking with so many possibilities and considerations that my idea kind of got shuffled to the side.

And that is really a shame because “giveaways” are among the best ways to get a massive number of new subscribers!

And then along comes Jason James who has written the ultimate reference book on giveaways called “Giveaway Riches”!

This thing is loaded with tips, tricks and secret methods from Jason who has himself built a huge list by organizing giveaways. He is a master at organizing huge events!

Lucky for us – Jason is sharing all he has learned – the good and the bad – and is helping us save a ton of time and effort to set up our own giveaways!

Giveaway Riches is perfect for anyone who wants to build a large list fast! I have it and eagerly read it cover to cover and will be doing so again soon! It’s loaded with valuable info I can use!

If you want to get the inside track on list building with giveaways – checkout Jason James’ Giveaway Riches at:

OK… here is my freebie…

Get your free ebook valued at 37 bucks! “Fireball Secrets To List Building” – How To Suck In Subscribers And Explode Your Opt-In Lists Without Breaking The Bank! It includes an interview with marketing experts Anik Singal, Gary Huynh, Russell Brunson, Bryan Kumar and Leon Klepfish.

It’s free for Article Underground members and Words Equal Money subscribers and is available for download at:

The password you’ll need to use is:

U: freezip
P: freezip

Well, that should be enough helpful info to get you going in the right direction! I hope this helps! Best wishes for success!!

Mike Liebner

“Most people fail in life because they major in minor things.
Success is simple, but it does require certain consistent things each day.”

– Anthony Robbins

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