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By Writing Passion • on April 3, 2009

Are you looking to cash in on the blogging craze – but yet your income seems stuck at barely paying off your hosting fees? Are you wondering how all those successful blogs earn over $100,000 a month while you can just about afford a cup of coffee with your blog’s monthly income? Or have you never even created a blog in your life – and wondering how to set one up for maximum income and best results?

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To really make money with your blog, you can’t simply muck about inserting ads in random places and hoping that enough users click on them to make it all worth your while. No – you have to follow expertly-researched, proven and tested techniques to monetize your blog revealed in this ground-breaking e-book!

“From Blog to Bank” is the latest and ultimate word in six-figure blogging. It represents 4 years of experience and pain-staking research condensed into a 66-page volume written with only one purpose in mind – taking you all the way from setting up your first blog to skyrocketing its income to previously unimaginable levels!

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Frank Armstrong intentionally wrote this e-book to appeal to all levels of bloggers. Whether you already have a blog that makes a hundred dollars a month or you’re still trying to figure out what that WordPress thing is all about, From Blog to Bank is for you!

Regardless of your level of expertise with blogging, you will find techniques in this e-book that will make your blog better, more popular and, most importantly, more profitable!

In this e-book, you will discover the secret of setting up a successful blog that can earn sounds and cost you no more than $20.69 a month! Forget about ridiculous PPC spending, joint ventures to promote your site or paying through your teeth to get inbound links – using these strategies, you will discover how to build hundreds of high-PR links and become a blogosphere sensation in no time!

What You Will Learn “From Blog To Bank”:

~How to leverage and exploit to the full extent the power of social networking and Web 2.0 to drive immense amounts of 100% free traffic to your blog!

~How to choose the right market and target the right audience for you blog – and how doing so can massively boost your monthly income!

~How to successfully penetrate even the most competitive markets and turn established competing blogs into unwitting allies who will send you free traffic!

~How to write compelling, sizzling-hot content that will spread like wildfire through the Web, create huge traffic spikes for your blog and leave your readers begging for more!

Forget what the gurus told you – it doesn’t take money to make money! Using over a dozen of techniques described in this e-book, you will be able to pull in volumes of free traffic that didn’t cost you a dime!

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