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By Writing Passion • on February 10, 2009

Post your articles in my blogs and get more targeted traffic! Free Video!

Traffic is like the oxygen of any business and without it you’d be broke and living on sardines…so always be on the lookout for top notch traffic generation strategies and techniques…which will ultimately get you more leads, and make you more money! Get an unstoppable stream of targeted web site visitors by having sessions on the Website Traffic Bootcamp (thanks to David Lovelace).

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With WebsiteTrafficBootcamp you’ll learn some of the best-kept secrets of the world’s top Traffic Generators. Most entrepreneurs go their whole lives without getting this kind of inside information – and without anyone who can show them how it’s done. But with the Website Traffic Bootcamp Library, it’s all going to be handed to you – in an organized step-by-step fashion.

You see… Dave have partnered with his good friend and traffic generating phenom, Liz Tomey to walk you by the hand to server crushing floods of new web site traffic. And they’re doing it with completely step by step, A-Z with video tutorials too!

Here are some of the DVD sessions available at the Website Traffic Bootcamp:

***When people think of traffic, they often think they have to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make it happen for them.

Well — not only can you get traffic for free — you can get HORDES of targeted visitors that are searching for what you’re selling….

BUM Marketing is the premier free traffic method and here’s a little of what you’ll discover about this technique…

-Writing articles based on your top keywords
-How to write a good resource box
-Web 2.0 sites that want you to link to your sales pages
-How to use special online resources to scatter your articles all over the ‘Net
-How to use Squidoo, Hubpages, and Blogger to drive a ton of traffic

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***Pay Per Click is great because it’s “instant gratification”. Simply create your ads and then the traffic will come…

Unfortunately most people don’t know what they’re doing with PPC and they almost instantly spend more than they’ll ever make.

That’s why Liz and Dave use one and only one tactic with Pay-Per-Click advertising… and they are going to allow you to watch over their shoulder so you can use this incredible time and money saving tactic.

***One of the fastest ways to build a strong list of buyers and affiliates is by implementing the powerful $7 profit funnel system.

The key to its success is having a strong backend sales process, since all the front end profits go to your affiliates.

With this method just do the work once and watch as people begin funneling to your offers…

-Includes the original $7 script
-Exclusive Mind Map Video revealing the four steps to enrolling top affiliates and setting up a profitable backend
-How to find strong PLR products to use as your $7 product
-Is it time to use a different price point?
-Where to promote your $7 offer

Whether you’ve never even had a web site indexed before — or if you’ve already had online success… I think the Website Traffic Bootcamp can both agree that getting MORE traffic can only help you and make you even more money.

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